She Confronted Loud Group Of Teens In Her Hotel, Finds Note Slipped Under Her Door The Next Day

She Confronted Loud Group Of Teens In Her Hotel, Finds Note Slipped Under Her Door The Next Day


Every year, High school students who are involved in FFA converge at Indianapolis for the annual meeting of the organization. During this meeting, the community of students elects new national officials among other important activities. Of course, they have to spend the night in a hotel and in a normal gathering of students, it is not unusual for them to get a bit too noisy. Sometimes too much for their next room neighbors.

In this case, their next room neighbors were a family of five, John and Randi Amt. This particular family wasn’t at the hotel at that particular time being their own choice. They were banished to a lengthy stay in the hotel as a result of the state which their home was in. A toilet malfunction when the family was away had left their home flooded and inhabitable. As a result, they had to spend the time in the hotel pending the time their house would be fixed.

Even though staying at a hotel had its luxuries. It also came with a lot of stress which was gradually taking a toll on the family. It was this same hotel that the FFA kids from Eureka, Kansas was lodged. and on this particular night, the kids were having fun and got a bit too noisy.

It had been a hectic day for the Amts. Between driving the kids for their sports practice 30 minutes away from the hotel and bringing them back, Randi was understandably exhausted and so were the kids. All the family wanted was a good night sleep but with the noisy students as neighbors, the chances of getting their much-needed sleep were looking elusive. Randy didn’t want a confrontation with the students but speaking to them was the only way they would be able to get a good night sleep.

However, the couple kept their cool despite their frustration and decided not to say anything to the students in their anger that night. Instead, Randi politely walked up to their room the next evening and pleaded with them to be a bit quieter that night. she also explained her family’s plight to them.

“I told them that we wanted them to have their fun and we would appreciate their respect to let our kids get a good night’s rest. The young man who answered the door told me that he was very sorry about what we were going through.”

After she went back to her room and got ready for bed, she noticed someone slip in a note under the hotel room door. She went close by to inspect and was surprised at what she found. It was an apology note from the FFA students next door. It read:

“We are more than sorry for waking you and your family up the past few nights. We hope everything goes well with your house.”

But the Amt got a lot more than a mere apology from the student. Accompanying the note was something else that blew Randy and her husband away completely.

“I opened the note to find money. In a world where some people sit behind screens and become angry on social media, this young man restored my faith that the next generation can make eye contact and show compassion to the person right in front of him … They set an excellent example for my children and their parents should be more than proud.”

The Amt in recognition of the goodwill of the students towards them decided to use the $40 that was gifted to them for a better course. They bought hats and mittens and donated them to a local shelter for homeless people. It was the perfect way to spend such a lovely gift and heartfelt gift. Both the students and this wonderful family really portrayed a picture of how the world should really be. everyone looking out for each other.


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