Commonly Missed Signals Your Body Is Sending That Your Arteries Are Clogged

Commonly Missed Signals Your Body Is Sending That Your Arteries Are Clogged


Our health is very important and we should always listen to what our body tells us. Everywhere we go, we have access to greasy yet mouth-watering foods. Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle, and we are constantly faced with clouds of cigarette smoke. There is no wonder why clogged arteries is one of the leading causes of death in the United States alone. Every year, this health condition takes 610,000 lives.

Knowing the symptoms of heart disease is very important but this is not given much priority most of the time. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that a survey done in 2005 reveals that 92% of Americans are aware that chest pain is a major symptom of heart attack. However, only 27% knew ALL about the major symptoms aside from this.

What happens in your arteries before a heart attack?
Remember that your arteries are responsible for carrying oxygen and also nutrients in the blood, bringing it to your heart, brain, and also down to your extremities. Through the years, there are different factors to consider that can trigger the buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries. These can include genetics, exercise, and diet. These fatty deposits or what we call ‘plaques’ can rupture from the artery wall, get carried by the blood and get stuck or form clots. This can result in a heart attack or stroke.

Symptoms Of An Clogged Arteries
There are different ways to help us prevent these life-threatening events. We should know what to look for and what to eat to keep out hearts healthy.

Leg Pain. When you feel pain in your legs after walking just a short distance, this is a warning sign that something is wrong. Discomfort in the lower extremities can indicate peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Difficulty Breathing. Out of breath after short walks or light activity? This can be a sign of a clogged coronary artery. It may include symptoms like chest pains, heart palpitations, nausea, and sweating.

Intense Headaches. Oxygen is carried to the brain by the carotid arteries. When one of these arteries are clogged, it can cause extremely painful headaches. Check with your doctor when you experience this without a reasonable explanation.

Erectile Dysfunction. If you experience this symptom, get in touch with your doctor to be screened for heart disease. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by lack of blood flow to the penis which can indicate clogged arteries.

Lower Back Pain. Lumbar arteries become clogged and can result in dizziness and inability to balance yourself. If you are having trouble staying on your feet, it is time to get yourself checked. You might have clogged arteries.

Tightening Of The Jaw. According to Everyday Health, clogged arteries differ between men and women. This symptom is common in women which can indicate that you have to see your doctor soon and have your heart checked.

Sudden Fatigue. If you feel more tired than usual and you do not understand why, this can be another sign of clogged arteries in women. This can be caused by lack of blood flow that can result in decreased oxygenation and distribution of nutrients to your brain and muscles.

When it comes to your heart, be alert and know the signs that tell you that a doctor’s visit should be done soon. Our body always warns us when we are in trouble. Health is very important and our heart should be given more importance.


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