Common Signs A Heart Attack Will Happens Soon That Many Adults Are Unaware Of

Common Signs A Heart Attack Will Happens Soon That Many Adults Are Unaware Of


Is your heart healthy?

There is no doubt to the fact that heart attacks are really terrifying. It is often difficult to predict one, and you might even be developing the signs off one without actually knowing it. However, there is no need for you to live with the constant fear that you’ll be the next victim of this cardiovascular disease. As long as you keep your eye out for some signs, then you should be able to detect a heart attack pretty easily.

To wit, here are 8 symptoms that can tell you if you are at risk of a heart attack within the next month:

Abdominal pains
If you have noticed recently that you have been getting some stomach upset (it could be pain, nausea, or even some bloating), then it could be a red flag in disguise. There is an episodic nature with abdominal pains before a heart attack, meaning that you feel them, then thy ease off you for a while, and they come right back again.

When you have issues with falling asleep, maintaining a proper sleep sequence, or when you wake up unusually early times, then you have an increased risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. This is one sign that a lot of women especially have to deal with. Chronic insomnia can also be exhibited by absentmindedness or anxiety.

Unusual tiredness
Feeling really tired, even if you end up sleeping for lengthy hours at night?
If you do, then you might want to know that this usual fatigue is one of the major symptoms that indicate an incoming heart attack. This kind of fatigue doesn’t necessarily have to be caused by strenuous mental or physical activity, and it will usually get worse when the day is about to draw to a close. Take special note if you find it difficult sometimes to perform simple tasks, like taking a shower or making your bed.

Hair loss
One of the most pronounced signs of heart issues is loss of hair on the crown of your head. It usually affects men over 50, but there are instances when it affects women as well.

Irregular rhythms
Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) or tacycaardia (increased heart rate) can happen suddenly, and it usually lasts for a minute or two. However, if it doesn’t fade, then you might feel dizzy and really tired, in which case you need to give your doctor a call immediately.

Loss of breath
Breathlessness, is a strong feeling of not being able to take a deep breath. Usually, people with this symptom feel dizzy and tired when they breathe deep. Breathlessness affects both men and women, and it can begin for up to half a year before the heart attack kicks in.

Unusual perspiration
This symptom is usually associated with women who are experiencing menopause, although there are instances where these hot flashes could be signaling something more lethal. If you’re having flu-related symptoms, clammy skin, or sweats, then make sure to take note. It doesn’t matter the level of physical exertion that you’ve gone through or the temperature around you as well.

Chest pains
The chest and most widely known signal of a heart attack is the uncomfortable feeling in one arm or both, the neck, the shoulders, jaw, or chest. In men, this symptom is something that signals the earliest signs of an impending heart attack, and it definitely shouldn’t be ignored. For women, only 30% of them are usually affected.


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