Circus Elephant Collapses With Joy When Learning She’s Finally Free After 50 Long Years

Circus Elephant Collapses With Joy When Learning She’s Finally Free After 50 Long Years


Even up to this day, some wild animals are still kept as prisoners in other parts of the world. Most of them are animals from the circus-like the elephants. Abusing and mistreating these animals is still a common practice especially in third world countries.

Even though there are now new animal rights laws being introduced in the United Stites to make sure animals are treated humanely. However, in other parts of the world like Asia, there is no strict implementation of rules regarding how humans should treat these animals. And because of these relaxed rules, the elephants in Asia are one of the most commonly mistreated animals.

Elephants may be huge and scary to look at, but they are gentle giants if treated right. They are loving and they do not have violent personalities, except if they are triggered or they feel harmed. That is why it is easy for abusers to force these animals into heavy labor. And most of the time, they become the star of the circus.

When Mia and Sita were discovered, it was clear that they were suffering from different injuries, especially around their feet. On their Facebook post, the Wildlife S.O.S. described Mia’s and Sita’s injuries with their photos. The post reads: “Both Mia and Sita have very painful feet. For Sita, her situation is exacerbated by the fact that she has a poorly healed fracture in her front leg that has limited her movement… thus preventing her the ability to lie down and rest. We know it has been at least a year since she has laid down and slept.”

Two of them are Sita and Mia. They have been circus elephants and were subjected to extreme abuse in India. They have been prisoners for half a century, chained to the ground and unable to move from where they are tied to. These poor animals have to endure this inhumane treatment when they should have been roaming around the forests or living in sanctuaries.

Thankfully, a non-profit organization called “Wildlife S.O.S.” fought to rescue Sita and Mia. And finally, after 50 years, the two elephants were able to experience what it is like to live freely the life that they deserve.

But first, they needed to transport the two elephants to their new home, the Elephant Conservation and Care Center located in Mathura. Here, they would receive the veterinary care that they need. From where they were rescued to the place where they will be transported was surely a long journey for these two tired animals, but it was all worth it. They never complained or showed any signs of distress during the journey. It seemed like they could sense freedom. In fact, Sita even showed her excitement by waving her trunk to the passers-by.

And once they are at their new home, they start settling in quickly. No doubt there have been many firsts since they arrived. Sita seemed to love the pool of water at the sanctuary the moment she arrived. The staff believes that it was her first time to dip into the cool waters after 50 years. Mia was just content and happy after arriving at the center. She laid down and just fell asleep. Probably something that she was not able to do for a very long time.

The organization shared the elephants’ story to the world through Facebook. The photos of these elephants shows how truly happy they are.


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