If You Can Spot A Dog In This Photo, This Is What It Means About Your Brain

If You Can Spot A Dog In This Photo, This Is What It Means About Your Brain


Ever seen this optical illusion before?

It is most probable that you have come across this optical illusion at some point in your life, and you haven’t given it much thought.

This image, which has been given the name “My Wife or My Mother-in-Law?” still remains one of the most popular optical illusions to ever be designed and apparently, there is now another reason for people to pay even much closer attention to it.

The optical illusion first appeared in a German postcard from 1888, and it was later re-illustrated in 1915 by a cartoonist from Great Britain.

Now, researchers are of the belief that your age will play a major role in determining what you end up seeing in this image.

So the question now is this what do you see when you look at it?

When you look at the illustration, do you see the image of an older woman with a pointed chin and a hooked nose looking towards the left side or do you see a younger woman looking off into the vast distance?

Apparently, the first woman that you see when you look at the picture can say a lot about how old you are, according to a new study that was published recently in the journal Scientific Reports.

In the study, the illustration was sowed for about half of a second to about 400 different participants, all of whom were between the ages of 18 and 68.
The participants who looked at it and saw the image of a woman were asked to then give a wild guess of how old the woman is.

On the other hand, the people who saw this as a picture of a younger woman were more likely to fall on the younger part of the age spectrum themselves, while the participants who were much older had a higher tendency to see a much older woman.

How you can see the two

If you look at the picture and you are experiencing a little bit of a difficulty with seeing an older woman of a younger woman, then you might be able to get a little help with distinguishing between the two of them by taking a look at the side-by-side images below.

The image on the left side depicts the younger woman who is looking off into the distance. The eyes of the older woman serve as the ear while her lips serve as the necklace.
On the other and, the image on the right depicts the much older woman, whose lips serve as the necklace of the younger woman and the nose is the face.

So what can we deduce from all of this?

According to the study, human beings are able to process faces that share a similarity to our own faces better, and this characteristic tends to create a bias.

The researchers said, “The effect of the age of the observer on the estimated age of the woman is actually quite consistent with a bias concerning the age of the participant as well”.

“Participants who are within the same age group tend to have a bias towards the processing of faces that are of a similar age”

So try it yourself. Look at the picture what do you see? Is the optical illusion able to reveal something about your own age?


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