Cameras Are Setup To Capture Tear-jerking Moment Circus Elephants Separated for 21 Years Are Reunited

Cameras Are Setup To Capture Tear-jerking Moment Circus Elephants Separated for 21 Years Are Reunited


Indeed, we are just like animals in some ways.

We have been put on this Earth to make the best of it and its resources, and the resources of this Earth also includes its plant and animal life. With a perfect understanding of the fact that we have control over the Earth, humans have been able to settle in quite well, developing civilizations and building lives in such a way that has become something truly amazing to watch over the centuries.

However, while humans have thrived, the same can’t be said for every animal species. Whether through ignorance or just blatant nonchalance, humans have treated certain animals cruelly in the past, and that fact is something that we seem to just be understanding. Activities such as poaching, hunting, entertainment, etc. have seen to the death of millions of animals, and some of these animals have either become extinct or endangered because of the activities of man. And inasmuch as we might now be coming to a consciousness and a realization of the fact that there is so much more than we can do to be better for these animals, it almost seems like it is too late for any significant change to happen.

Although there are obvious differences between we humans and animals, there are also some amazing similarities which we share, and there is no logical way of denying this fact. Just as it is with humans, it is very possible for animals to feel grief and joy- and on a regular basis there is an emotional video which comes along and reminds us of the fact that we and animals are, in certain ways, completely alike.

One of such videos was posted on PBS back in the year 2000, and the incredible story behind the video was able to gain a lot of traction in a small amount of time. In the video, viewers et too see two former circus elephants that were reunited after spending about 22 years away from each other, and there is no doubt to the fact that the captured image will send tear streaming own your face.

In the video, which was captured by the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, we see the completely amazing moment where Jenny and Shirley recognized each other for the first time after they spent well over 2 decades away from each other. Apart from the obvious fact that this was a very emotional reunion, the video also serves as a stern reminder that us as it is with us humans, these animals have an immense capacity to feel emotions they emote as we do, and this is something that we ought to take into consideration as regards the way that we relate with them going forward.

As a matter of fact, even the keepers of the sanctuary got a little bit emotional as they watched the elephants meet for the first time in a couple of years. With an obvious sense of anticipation in their eyes, they soak in the completely beautiful moment as the elephants suddenly look through the gates and recognized each other. What happened next is sure to send the tears rolling in, as the elephants wrapped their trunks around each other and engaged in a warm embrace.

Let this video serve as a reminder to you. Animals feel as well. They deserve to be treated better.


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