Camera Crew Is Filming Gorilla When He Walks In The Road To Stop Traffic, Then They See Movement In A Bush

Camera Crew Is Filming Gorilla When He Walks In The Road To Stop Traffic, Then They See Movement In A Bush


The wildlife has a lot of surprises for us that sometimes we can’t resist the urge to be astounded by how smart some of the creatures are. This is the reason why when wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan visited the Democratic Republic of Congo to film a documentary for BBC, he never expected he would experience an uncommon event and they would be able to catch it on film. Definitely his perks of being a wildlife filmmaker.

While his camera crew was setting up, a unique sight caught his attention in the bushes. It was a huge silverback gorilla and it was standing off the side of the road. It was scanning the area as trucks are continuously were driving by. Buchanan decided that he has to capture whatever was happening before his eyes. Buchanan sensed that something was up because the gorilla has the tensed look on his eyes. Buchanan still couldn’t figure out what was bothering the huge creature. So he instructed his crew to step into the road to check on scene. Then suddenly, something changed and it was all clear why the silverback gorilla was behaving in such a way.

While the cameras are rolling, his crew was able to capture something that they would not be able to forget for the rest of their lives. Instead of letting Buchanan’s crew get closer, the huge gorilla stepped in! Just as the cameramen were settling into the road, the traffic stopped immediately. Since the trucks have already passed by them, the 1500 pounds gorilla stepped into the middle of the street, stood guard and signaled his family to cross the road.

This is when Buchanan realized that the huge creature was frantic because he was protecting his big family. It was clear that he would be willing to risk his life if this meant that he would be able to make sure that his family could cross this busy road, safely.

Humans and Gorillas: The Similarities

According to experts, gorillas are naturally protective of their family and it is believed that the human influence may be one of the reasons why the gorillas are so keen to aggressively protect when their families are with them. Like humans, mother gorillas are very protective of their young, and so as the father gorillas. It is a known fact that gorillas have very close similarities to humans. These primates share about 98.3% of their DNA with humans.

The baby gorillas are cared for by their mothers like the human babies are. They stick with their mom for about 2 ½ years. These baby gorillas will start to crawl at around nine months and when they reach four months, they are expected to be able to grasp their mothers’ fur and start to eat and sleep on piggyback.

The male gorillas mature when they reach 11 years old while the females mature at 8. They can live for about 35 years old in the wild and can reach up to 50 years while in captivity. When the male gorillas mature, they may leave their group as solitary silverbacks or group leaders, or they will start they own family group.

Gordon Buchanan was definitely honored to have seen this astonishing event. Videos like these will help us better comprehend the wild and how these creatures live. Let us always be respectful to other animals and let them be. Let us stop aggravating their territory since, similar to us, we wouldn’t want our homes to be trespassed by other individuals.


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