Bus Driver Notices Elderly Man Doesn’t Board The Bus, Jumps To His Feet As Soon As He Sees His Face

Bus Driver Notices Elderly Man Doesn’t Board The Bus, Jumps To His Feet As Soon As He Sees His Face


Mike Blare is a bus driver who has been working for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada for five years now. He knows that being a driver implies meeting a lot of various individuals consistently. Mike is an extremely attentive individual who ensures everybody gets a seat on his bus, not wanting to leave anybody.

One day while he’s on the road, he saw a 92-year-old man sitting alone at the bus stop. At first he didn’t think that it’s unusual for a man that age to be standing alone, however, Mike’s worries rose when the man didn’t board. When everyone at the bus stop boarded, the driver noticed someone who didn’t. He looked closer, saw the man’s face which made him jump out of his seat immediately!

It was a very hot day, at least 110 degrees and it was not a surprise for anyone to feel tired and dehydrated. This is the type of weather that can affect anyone, especially our elderly folks. Mike took another look at the man and he noticed how he tried to grasp the wall. Mike can also see that the man’s face is telling him that he wasn’t feeling well. Mike acted fast and he grabbed him by his arm and sat him down on the bus. Mike thought that he can give the man some water. He took his lunch box, got the jug of water, and offered it to this man. Mike was so concerned and engaged in helping the man that he had no clue another passenger took a photograph of what he did and posted it on Twitter.

Everyone was so touched by Mike’s unselfish act so they started sharing the picture and it rapidly circulated around the web. Mike’s face is online and he is going viral! His act of kindness reached the KSNV News 3 Las Vegas and he was featured for his actions. It became their top story that night as a good deed caught on camera. According to the reporter, Kelsey Thomas, this was an act of kindness that instantly turned two strangers into friends.

During his interview, he said, “Well I enjoy doing my job.” He shared that he was taking the same route the entire year but that was different because in the midst of that very hot day, a stranger caught his eye. Mike shared that the man got off the bus and as he was going down, he revealed to the concerned driver that he was 92 years old. When reminded about the photo, he chuckled and said, “I didn’t know they had taken a picture.” This picture was posted on Twitter and all across the internet and was shared hundreds of times.

He soon realized that the picture was posted by a total stranger because Mike has no clue what Twitter is! Surely he was not the one who posted that photo online and he joked, “I guess I might have to learn about Twitter.” Mike found out about his viral photo through his boss, Francis Julien. When he received the call, he initially thought that he was in trouble, not realizing it was the total opposite. He did something so amazing and that it touched the heart of so many people all across the globe. He is definitely an inspiration to everyone.


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