Burger King’s Meatless Hamburger Is Selling Like Crazy

Burger King’s Meatless Hamburger Is Selling Like Crazy


To individuals who prefer not to eat meat, dropping by Burger King is definitely a sad visit. But that is going to change soon. Burger King is launching its plant-based burger!

This is called the “Impossible Whoppers.”

Because of the growing concern on the negative effects of meat, the interest in plant-based alternatives to meat is growing. In fact, there are several brands who have also provided their consumers with plant-based alternatives. And now, one of the biggest names in the fast-food industry is teaming up with a California-based company to produce meatless items that are more accessible to their consumers.

It was back in April that Burger King promised that they are working on bringing back the Impossible Whoppers nationwide. They first test-launched the Impossible Whopper and it was a success. This is the 100% meatless variation of the Burger King classic. These meatless whoppers use plant-based patties. This product will surely be appealing to flexitarian carnivores because they are supposed to taste like the regular BK Whopper.

Before the launch, CNN Business reported that the Impossible Whopper will be using meatless patty that is produced by Impossible Foods. To increase the public’s interest with the Impossible Whopper, Burger King offered “taste test” promotions. This is where customers are encouraged to try both the original and the meatless versions and compare the two. This taste test is going to run from August 8 through September 1.

Chris Finazzi, Burger King’s president for the Americas revealed that consumers have been responding positively with the Impossible Whoppers. He said, “It’s driven new guests into the restaurant. We’re really excited to be able to attract that customer.” He added, “We’ve heard great feedback and know that the Impossible Whooper appeals to both current guests who are already big fans of the Whopper sandwich, as well as new guests who are excited about this new option.”

Dennis Woodside, the president of Impossible Foods also expressed his confidence in the Whopper. He noted how Burger King has made this meaningful commitment to this new product when it comes to their marketing efforts and employee training. Even though Impossible had a slight difficulty in meeting the demands, they recently had a team-up with a major meat processor OSI that will help them increase their capacity.

Since August 8, consumers have started enjoying their meatless Burger King whoppers. So how do average consumers feel about them?

Yahoo Finance visited a local Burger King in Downtown Manhattan and asked Burger King diners how they feel about the Impossible Whopper. Some of the patrons enjoyed both the real and the meat alternative similarly. Others even thought of incorporating meat alternatives to their diets for environmental reasons.

As of now, these Impossible Whoppers are pitches as a limited-time offer. Customers are told that this will only last until the stocks run out. The Impossible Whopper is priced at $5.59 but Burger King revealed that the pricing and the availability can also vary. Like their other products, Burger King will still evaluate how the public is responding with the Impossible Whopper for a couple of months before they decide if this will become a permanent fixture on their menu.

Plant-based meat alternatives are surely getting more and more popular these days not only because of the benefits that one can get from them but also how this will affect the environment as a whole.


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