Bulls’ Reaction Is Priceless After He Was Set Free From Being Imprisoned His Entire Life

Bulls’ Reaction Is Priceless After He Was Set Free From Being Imprisoned His Entire Life


There are certain laws in every state that provide protection to the housepets against cruelty and abuse. But that does not cover the protection of abuse against the farm animals. PETA is one of the groups that helps spread awareness to the public teaching us about cruelty in the meat industry.

Back in August 2014, a German YouTube channel called “Gut Aiderbichl” published a heartbreaking video that shows how happy a bull was after he was finally released from captivity. You see, this bull they call “Bandit” has been living inside a tiny, steel pen his entire life. The pen was so tiny that the poor animal doesn’t have that much space to move around.

Daniel Weary, a professor in the Animal Welfare Program at the University of British Columbia in Canada conducted a study in 2014 that showed how the cow’s brains are permanently altered if they experience an early life trauma. That means that the cattle and other dairy animals are in fact more sensitive than we thought they are. They have feelings too and they can get traumatized if they have been abused when they were young.

The cows that Daniel Weary studied were traumatized by the emotional and physical pain of being separated from their moms, and even after dehorning them. This goes to show that it can have a negative cognitive effect on these animals. His study has also proven that the cows that are housed in isolation show increased anxiety. When these animals get tested, they do not perform well on the psychological tests.

So just imagine that Bandit knew exactly what was happening to him while he was in his prison-like pen. And that is what other cows and bulls are experiencing as well. But unlike the others, Bandit got a second chance in life. This happened when after so long, he was finally released from his prison-like pen!

A video of him being released from captivity was viewed more than 28.2 million times!

In the said video, the sanctuary worker is driving a truck to the building where Bandit was being held. As soon as the man entered, Bandit met him with friendly eyes. He probably felt that this man was not going to harm him. And to the mans’ surprise, the bull started to softly lick his hand as if welcoming him.

And as promised, yes, the man released Bandit!

And after so many years, this was the first time that he will experience freedom. It is clear to see how happy Bandit was as he excitedly bucks his legs with full of energy. He was then loaded up into the truck and brought him to his new home.

After spending some time exploring his new home, Bandit came up to his rescuer as if thanking him for this second chance in life that nobody ever gave him. To thank the man, Bandit touched his forehead with his rescuer. He probably felt beyond thankful for what this man did for him.

This is just a short clip that clearly tells us that animals have feelings too. And Bandit was lucky because he was rescued in time and given a second chance in life before he was going to experience more pain and suffering.


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