Boy With Terrible Disease Refuses To Give Up On Life

Boy With Terrible Disease Refuses To Give Up On Life


Some children get sick, but they are able to live through it. Others are too unlucky to be hit by a health condition that makes them doubt if they still want to live. But no kid should have to go through what Rhys Williams has experienced.

When Rhys was 13-years-old, he lived a life that is so much harder than any of us has ever experienced. Before he turned 14 years old, Rhys was hit by a rare health condition. This made him doubt if he still wanted to live to celebrate his birthday.

“I’ve had enough of life.”

These were the exact words that Rhys told his mom, Tanya Williams, during the summer of 2019. This boy is from Bolton, the U.K. He was born with a very painful and rare skin condition called the epidermolysis bullosa.

The Epidermolysis Bullosa is a condition that causes the skin to blister. Rhys’ skin fused together. Most of his body needs to be wrapped in bandages in order to protect him from any bumps or if he brushes into an object that could harm him. His skin condition is preventing him from doing everything that kids his age loves to do. He can no longer play sports, go out on his own, or even get a hug from his mom.

Children who have Epidermolysis Bullosa are often known as ‘Butterfly’ boys or girls. Simply because if the child has this condition, they rarely reach adulthood.

With his condition, no one can blame Rhys for feeling depressed. He once told his mother that he just wished that a butterfly would come and take him away. During an interview with U.K.s Daily Record this month, Tanya said, “He just wants to give up, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?”

But Tanya didn’t want to give up on her son. She is desperate to help him and find help for him. So she put out a plea online for people to send her son birthday cards for his 14th birthday on September 21st. This was so random and she did not expect the love and support that would flood their way.

Ever since her plea online, Rhys already received more than 10,000 birthday cards. And people are not done yet! Loads and loads of birthday cards for Rhys has been arriving sometimes in bags, but there are times in a truck full of cards for him! In fact, the post office has a dedicated van for his birthday cards, letters, and presents for his birthday.

Tanya cannot help but share the overwhelming love and support that Rhys received. She wrote on her Facebook page:

“All the cards are just as nice and kind as the next. His favorite present so far has got to be his gaming headphones and Xbox game from someone in L.A.”

Total strangers went the extra mile to make sure that Rhys would feel loved and valued. In fact, even celebrities and sports teams also reached out with their support for Rhys. Tanya received a call from Liverpool Football Club’s Peter Moore. He provided the family with box tickets! Tanya knew that this would have a huge impact on her son who is a mega-Liverpool fan!

Sadly, there is no cure for Rhys’ rare condition. Still, his family will forever be grateful to everyone who went above and beyond to help them make Rhys feel that everyone loves him and cares for him.


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