These Blue Bananas Apparently Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

These Blue Bananas Apparently Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream


It is not a secret that nature always has something to surprise us. And when it comes to fruits, for sure there are still a lot that you have not tried. Simply because some fruits are only available from other parts of the world, which you cannot easily visit. And a lot of people are interested to try something different.

We have seen green and yellow bananas. But have you ever seen blue bananas before?

Yes, blue bananas do exist and they are called “Java Bananas.” This is the most recent discovered fruit because of its flavour. They taste like ice cream and their flavour is consistent. Before the Java Bananas go ripe, they have a blue layer of skin.

And people are falling in love with the look of this newly discovered type of banana. The baby blue skin is unique and once the banana ripens, the skin will turn to a light shade of yellow. Aside from its appearance, another thing that made people want to try Java bananas is its taste. A lot of people who have tried eating the blue bananas confirm that it tastes like vanilla ice cream. Others also claim that they are fluffier and creamier compared to the usual yellow bananas that we eat.

Some people thought that Java Bananas was a hoax because of how rare they are. For them, ice-cream-tasting bananas seem too good to be true. But these bananas are real!

The Java Banana is known for its different names. Those who are from Fiji call this the Hawaiian banana. In the Philippines, Filipinos call this Krie. However, the locals in Central America call this Cenizo. Java Bananas are typically grown in South Asia. But those who are from the colder regions can also grow them. However, these bananas need a temperature of at least 40-degrees Fahrenheit to survive and grow.

And just like other bananas, the Java banana is also good for your body. They are very high in potassium content as well as other minerals needed by the body. The Java bananas are also low on fat, carbohydrates, and calories.

If you do not like eating raw bananas, the Java ones can be used to make ice cream, pies, and other recipes that would suit you best. In fact, you can even just wrap them in aluminium foil and broil or roast them. These bananas can also be fried or frozen. You can add them on top of your favourite ice cream or sundae because it also has a soft texture and an ice-cream-like taste.

So if you want to make a delicious treat out of the Java bananas, you will never run out of options. And the best part is, you are eating something healthy and delicious at the same time!

The only downfall of the blue bananas is that you cannot purchase it anywhere else. There are only a few retail stores that sell them. But thanks to the internet, you can now order them from Amazon. You can search for the Java Bananas especially during the specific seasons. If you want, you can even grow your own Java bananas if you buy seeds or live plants and plant them in your backyard. You can purchase this plant from Amazon and Fast Growing Trees.


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