Big Game Hunter Dies After His Hunted Animal Collapsed On Top Of Him

Big Game Hunter Dies After His Hunted Animal Collapsed On Top Of Him


Theunis Botha is known as a big game hunter who hailed from South Africa. This man will always be remembered as the hunter who was smashed by an elephant.

The Big Five is a very popular hunting game in Africa. The Big-game hunters will go after elephants, Cape Buffalo, lions, rhinos, and even leopards. For hunters who are looking for a crazy rush of adrenaline, this is the best game for them. According to John Taylor, the author of “Big Game and Big Game Rifles,” he is also a hunter, he considers big-game hunting in Africa as the most dangerous hunting game in the continent.

Botha was a 51-year-old big game hunter. He had his first hunt when he was still in college way back in 1989. Because of this, he earned a lot of money from his tours and he used it to pay for his education. Two years after his first hunt, Botha earned his degree in psychology and anthropology. This was his chance to start off a big-time hunting program.

Botha’s wife, Carike, never left his side. She was always there to give him a hand. This is why they started a hunting farm. They also owned private hunting ranches in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. He has also been a part of the hunting tour business for 28 years. He would organize tours for a huge number of clients all across the world.

What he is best at is what the hunters call, the “Monteria hunt.” This is a European-style hunt where a pack of hounds drives deer and boar whole the hunters will try to shoot their prey. This hunter also pioneered the traditional European Style Driven Monteria hunts in South Africa.

The business went well for the couple so he started to breed hounds and sell them. Theunis Botha Big Game Hound Kennels are big game hounds. They are very popular for their cold training abilities as well as for their tenacity.
Botha was leading a hunting tour at Hwange National Park in Western Zimbabwe one day when his groups were surprised by a group of breeding elephants. Three of the animals went after the hunters. Botha tried to shoot the elephants, but the fourth one slammed him from the side. The animal lifted its hunter with its trunk. One of the hunters was able to shoot the elephant. Unfortunately, the elephant collapsed over Brotha and he did not survive the impact.

Elephants are gigantic and there is no way for the man to survive the impact from the elephant. Brotha was immediately transported to Hwange Colliery Hospital’s mortuary and was later on buried in South Africa.

Steve Scott who is one of his friends announced the sad news on Twitter. His daughter also had an interview with the BBC.

Wild animal hunting is very popular even though it is illegal in most places. Unfortunately, those experienced hunters feel that going after the huge elephants is the ultimate experience for trophy hunting.

Theunis Botha might have been a big name in the big-game hunting world, but this also robbed him of his life. But everyone agrees that the man died doing what he loved to do. It was just unfortunate that he did not survive the attack of the elephants.


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