Bette Midler Writes Mean Poem About Melania Trump

Bette Midler Writes Mean Poem About Melania Trump


Everyone knows that Bette Midler is not someone who can hold her tongue. She will always speak her mind. This “Hocus Pocus” star earned thousands of fans in the politics world. But recently, she has been forward with regards to her opinions about the United States President Donald Trump and his family. A lot of people are interested to hear what she has to say. But recently, it seems like Midler crossed the line.

She published a poem about the US President and his wife, Melania. Now, people are on the edge of their seats!

Since day one, Midler has always been vocal about her criticism regarding the Trump administration. Her remarks about the president have been growing more frequent and more scandalous, especially in the past weeks. She has become a more prominent figure in the anti-Trump movement.

Midler is not afraid to risk her reputation just to throw Trump and his family under the bus. In fact, many believe that she is taking advantage of her 1.7 million social media following by telling them something that a lot of people found controversion and too personal.

Did Midler really cross the line this time? You be the judge!

This Twitter post that was posted on August 21, 2019, was captioned: “A poem from Melania.” The poem reads:

“Each day I’m filled with the hope
That #Donald won’t be such a Dope
So I get on my knees
And say vip it out please
As I reach for my new microscope.”

This post received an immediate response from the people who follow Midler on social media, especially from those who dislike her. She received a lot of criticism on the social media platform because of what she is trying to imply about the First Couple. Though she made a lot of people angry, she also made the liberals laugh.

Some conservative Twitter users also shared their own responses to Midler’s poem about Melania. A Twitter user named Sam Trasco wrote, “There once was a woman named Bette / Who’s as crazy as crazy can get, / Once Donald Trump won / Her brain said, ‘I’m DONE,’ / Now they’re chasing her down with a net.”

Another conservative Twitter user named Michael Mores responded with his own poem for Midler saying:

“I wish I may I wish I was bright, but I’m not, and as a result, it took me three weeks to get this poem right. When I was young, I stuck to my guns and knew what I was good at, but politics came, and, I became dumb. So now I’m old, nasty, ugly, and bummed!”

Her poem to Melania that day was criticized but the next day, she had a direct attack on Trump saying, “With every f**k-up how / He cries, Fake tears from his squinty blue eyes, / He’s so full of Malice. / Every Tom, Dick and Alice / Will cheer his Electoral Demise.”

Being frank is alright. In fact, a lot of people liked that about Bette Midler. She is not afraid to speak her mind and say what her mind and heart wants to express. But what do you think about Midler’s outspokenness? Do you think she doing it too much? Is it right for her to target not only Trump but also his family?


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