Based On A Terrible Rumor Dog Activist Spies On Private Land, Reality Is Worse Than He Could Fathom

Based On A Terrible Rumor Dog Activist Spies On Private Land, Reality Is Worse Than He Could Fathom


Every dog in the family will always have a special place in our hearts. They are not just pets to us, they are members of our family. This is the reason why it is exceptionally difficult to see how others can take their dogs for granted. We see a lot of stray mutts out and about. This implies that not all dogs are getting a similar treatment. Miserable, but true. Tourists love to go on sled dog adventures while in Canada. These dogs are very important during winter so we expect that each of them are well taken cared of. However, during the summer months when it’s not snowing, these dogs are placed in a storage.

Rows of tethered sled dogs were exposed from the fields of Ontario. These dogs were under the blistering heat of the sun with nowhere else to go for shelter. They only have a few feet to move around and clearly, anyone can see that this is animal abuse. You can sense the sadness in their faces by just looking at them, it’s heartbreaking. The dogs can’t even interact with each other because of the short chains that are attached to their necks. The barrels that are provided as their shelter looks like a torture chamber because you know for sure that it’s even hotter inside compared to the temperature while they are out in the open.

The owner of these dogs is Chocpaw Expeditions. They are the sled dog kennel that should be responsible for these animals. Sadly, they are not ‘technically’ breaking the law according to them because they provide the dogs with food, water, and ‘shelter.’ Everyone is hoping that the conditions of these animals should soon be changed.

A Change For The Sled Dogs

One sled dog activist and filmmaker named Fern Levitt drove three long hours in the middle of the heat wave last July to check on these dogs. However, this was not the first time that she went here for a visit. Her first was in 2010 when she learned about the poor conditions of the dogs. Since then it became her first battle with the Ontario SPCA requiring more from Chocpaw Expeditions. The moment she arrived at the Chocpaw Expeditions, an employee told her that she’s trespassing on private property and she was asked to leave. She was able to catch the poor dogs on video before she left the property.

Melissa Kosowan who is currently the acting associate director of communications for the OSPCA, said that they are already working with the owner to make the necessary improvements that are related to the shelter in order to address their deficiencies. She said, “…our investigation remains open as we work to ensure the dogs are receiving the care they require by law. The welfare of these dogs is our priority.”

Since we now have an idea regarding the reality of this industry, let us help spread the news! These dogs deserve to be treated far better compared to how they are treated right now. If the Chocpaw Expeditions can’t take care of them properly, they do not deserve these dogs who bring fortune to their business every winter. There is a reason behind why they are called “Man’s Best Friend.” Would you chain your best friend and let them suffer? Obviously, we wouldn’t. Let us likewise extend our love and care to our furry companions.


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