Barbara Streisand Finally Confesses Secret About Her 20-Year Marriage To Her Soulmate

Barbara Streisand Finally Confesses Secret About Her 20-Year Marriage To Her Soulmate


Here are a few tips that prospective couples could learn from.

The sad truth that we are faced with is that in Hollywood, some of our favorite couples seem to get separated just a few months after coming together in the first place. Due to this frequency, we always have to take time out to appreciate the pairs that have been able to stand the test of time.

One of those rare long-standing marriages in Hollywood is the one between singer Barbara Streisand and actor James Brolin. Honestly, there is nothing small about this feat and as Barbara said herself, “Spending 20 years inn Hollywood seems like 50 years in a place lie Chicago”

And for those who might not know, the longevity of their love story is actually not the only thing that has set this couple apart from a vast majority of other Hollywood pairs. Brolin and Streisand actually met each other while they were both in their 50s. They had both been in failed marriages, and they were looking to get a fresh start.

Streisand, who had made her name as a singer and a performer ever since she was a teenager, had previously been married to actor Elliot Gould for eight years after the both of them met while on Broadway. On the other hand, James, who was known for playing the romantic lead in his movies, had actually had some poor luck when it came to love in real life. He had already gone through two separate divorces by the time he and Streisand met each other.

Brolin and Streisand eventually met each other in 1996 at a dinner party and what attracted the actor to the singer was the most shocking part of their romantic tale till date. Brolin loved the fact that she was brutally honest. The singer told Brolin that she wasn’t a fan of his hair, and he stated that immediately she said this, he was struck.

Now, 20 years after the pair tied the knot, the singer is sharing a few tips that have been responsible for keeping their marriage together and happy for the past two decades.

Just as Brolin stated, the brutal honesty of Streisand was pretty obvious as she recounted the first few encounters that she had with the actor.

On her talk show, she spoke to Meredith Viera that it actually “took the first couple of months” before she was eventually swept off her feet by Brolin. Looking back at the time that they’ve spent together, Streisand claimed that she was unable to even accurately say the moment when she eventually fell in love with him. However, she remembers that he made some attempts to impress her.

She recalled, “I was charmed when he told me that he could cook. So once, he came with a sushi roller, the wooden thing, and he made me sushi. By the way, I love sushi a lot. So I thought to myself, ‘This is actually awesome’. James has never cooked anything since then”.

It’s pretty obvious that Brolin’s cooking skills aren’t the only things that are holding the relationship together. Rather, it’s his bond and the honest streak that they share.

Streisand said to Mario Lopez, “The pillars of a happy marriage are honesty and kindness. When people are in love, they share everything with each other”

And as their careers continue to grow, they say that their love keeps going strong as well.


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