Babysitting Grandchildren Helps Grandparents To Live Longer

Babysitting Grandchildren Helps Grandparents To Live Longer


We all want our parents and grandparent to live a long and happy life. This is why when they are in our care, we always make sure that they are eating healthily, they are getting the right exercise that they need, and even having a friend or relatives around to entertain them once in a while. Some of them are even changing their lifestyle or only eat organic foods because this can lengthen a person’s life. Aside from all of this, there is one way to extend your lifespan!

For all grandparents out there who babysit their grandkids, know that looking after your grandchildren might be able to help you live longer!

A study that was published by the Evolution and Human Behavior, it pointed out that there is a data from the Berlin Aging Study which focused on 500 people aging 70 and up. The results show that senior citizens who provide care to a child have a lower risk of dying over a 20-year period compared to those who did not watch over a child.

Babysitting grandkids can add to your lifespan!

Still, it is important to note that grandparents who provide primary care to their grandchildren were not included in this study.

Dr. Ronan Factora, a world-famous doctor stated that there is a link between providing this care and reducing stress. If providing care not only to grandkids but also to other people is a way for a person to reduce stress then these activities should be considered a benefit to these folks who are grandparents and are providing this care. The doctor also reminded the importance of keeping yourself busy and active as you get older. Aside from this, maintain your social engagement and be cognitively stimulated as you age.

Sometimes grandparents do not work anymore but many of them like to keep themselves busy and they want to feel needed in the world and this a good way to make sure that you are keeping a healthy lifestyle and grow old gracefully.

A study from Australia found that a moderate amount of time spent on babysitting grandkids can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This is because babysitting kids can boost your brain power and reduces your chances of developing depression.

Kids can keep you engaged and be well-versed about the things that young people nowadays are in to. You will not only be cherishing the time that you spend with them, but you will also learn things that peers your age might not know of. Technology these days is already a part of every person’s life so do not be left out. Do not let your age stop you from learning. Who knows, you might find new and interesting hobbies that your grandkids can teach you.

So to all grandparents, the next time that your grandkids come to visit you, give their parents a break and take the chance to offer some help. Spend more time with these little kiddos and get to know your teenage grandkids. Get a good laugh out of babysitting because we all know that they can be tough to handle but they are good for your well-being. You can look forward to years of better memory power!


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