Baby’s First Spoken Word After Trying Vegetables For The First Time Has Her Parents Cracking Up

Baby’s First Spoken Word After Trying Vegetables For The First Time Has Her Parents Cracking Up


Each of us has our own ‘not so favorite’ veggies and one of them is peas. Not everyone likes the taste of peas. They are great ingredients for different recipes and comes packed with vitamins but that’s not enough to encourage someone to eat them, especially a little girl named Olivia. She surely was not happy when mom and dad decided to let her take her first taste of a spoonful of peas!

Six-month-old Olivia loves her mom’s milk, rice cereal, and other tasty, mushy goods! Her parents knew that it is time to give her a chance to try some new things. So mom and dad grab a can of peas and a camera to make sure they record this once in a lifetime moment on video. They surely had a feeling that this is one of those moments that they want to remember for the rest of their lives. Somehow, they never had an idea that a spoonful of peas would be the driving force for their daughter to say her first words!

While the camera is rolling, mom tries to feed Olivia a spoonful of mashed peas. As soon as she got a taste of the green, mushy peas, her expression turns bad, really bad!

Olivia’s smiling face was instantly replaced by a frown and she surely can’t appreciate mom’s green mush! However, her disgusted face is not enough to get her point across. She leans over and shocks her parents by saying her first words! Olivia looks at her mom and says:

“I done.”

Her dad was the first one to notice her say the words and it is clear that she doesn’t want another spoonful of peas. I’m pretty sure she just wants yummy rice cereal or her sweat fruits again. Her mom and dad can’t help but laugh at her reaction and after hearing her first words. They must have known that she would not like the taste of peas before they tried feeding this to her, but what they did not expect is what her reaction would be. They never knew that this would encourage their 6-month-old to say her first words!

Surely, they would think again before giving Olivia mushy peas in the future!

Though Olivia did not like her bowl of peas, sure enough, her parents would be able to find another fruit or vegetables that she would like. Like Olivia, some children may also much prefer sweet-tasting foods and might find other fruits and vegetables unpalatable. As a result, these children may refuse to eat or will have a very limited variety of fruits and vegetables. Some worries parents may try different ways to get their child to eat them and sometimes this can be very stressful and a traumatic experience both for the child and their parents too.

However, parents should remember that fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber that even young kids can benefit from. This is why you have to learn some tips on how to get your child to eat vegetables if this is still a problem as they get older. For Olivia’s mom and dad, they will surely have more time to get to know what their daughter would love and learn how to introduce other fruits and vegetables as she gets older.


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