Baby Tries To Sneak Up On Dead Serious Husky, Dog’s Reaction Has Quickly Gone Mega Viral

Baby Tries To Sneak Up On Dead Serious Husky, Dog’s Reaction Has Quickly Gone Mega Viral


Dogs are adorable in their own unique way, but husky owners know too well that this type of dogs is very distinct compared to the others. Not only are they different because of their stark white fur and striking blue eyes, but they also have lots of energy. They can also be a bit boisterous at times!

Huskies need to spend most of their time outside with other big dogs to play with and because of this, many Husky owners worry that having this kind of dog is not the best option if you have little children, especially those who are still starting a family. A video is currently going viral which will prove to each and every one of us that huskies can also be gentle when they need to.

This video clip is showing a mature husky playing with a little baby who looks like just under one year old. The baby slowly crawls towards the dog and was trying hard to pet him. He is having a hard time reaching him at first so the baby crawled a little closer. The husky sat still, waiting for the baby to move. As soon as he is able to touch the husky’s ears, the dog rolled gently upside down under the baby’s arms.

The dog started licking the baby’s face and gently playing with him. The husky and the baby continue to play even though the baby is resting most of his weight on the dog. The gently giant just remains submissive and playful. The dog is making sure that he is very very gentle with the baby. He never did once lost control with the baby. The baby even puts his hand in the husky’s mouth and it just nibbles it gently. It came to a point that the baby was tugging at the dog’s fur and it just paws the little baby’s hand away.

The man who records the video just laughed at the husky’s reaction to this baby. He is watching the boy but it is clear that the husky understands that he needs to be gentle with the fragile baby and it is his job to protect him. As the video ends, the husky stays on his back and just keeps on kissing the baby by licking his adorable face.

The video was shared online and on YouTube, it has over 14 million views! This video surely caught the attention of so many people. One of the comments posted says, “If you raise them right they will be harmless, same applies to the dog.”

According to Vetstreet, Huskies are the perfect choice for people who want a dog who can be a good partner and a friend, a dog who will love children, greet your guests, and get along with other dogs. However, if you are looking for a dog who will focus only on you and protect your home, huskies are not the best dog breed for you. They are not barkers but they will usually howl, especially when they hear alarms or sirens.

This husky proves that parents need not be afraid to let their dog interact with their baby. Dogs usually get along with the children in the family as long as they are introduced early. They can play together provided that they are supervised by adults. Big dogs can definitely be great companions for everyone; children and adult alike.


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