Baby Nearly Dies Because Parents Force Vegan Diet On Him

Baby Nearly Dies Because Parents Force Vegan Diet On Him


The fanatic vegan couple chose to ignore their pediatricians’ orders and decided to feed their child a vegan diet instead.

Vegan is good, but not for this 5-month-old baby. Robert Buskey, 31, and Julia French, 20, are self-described vegans and they wanted their child to follow the same diet. Because of this, the baby hardly gained a pound after birth.

Buskey and French are on a vegan diet, so they also forced it upon their baby. They thought that it would healthier for their newborn babies to follow the same lifestyle. But they did not take into consideration the number of nutrients that their growing baby needs to grow and to be healthy. Instead of milk, they only fed him vegan mashed potatoes, a recipe that they found online. The parents literally let their child starve by giving him only too little mash than his tiny body needs.

Milk is very important for an infant. It does not only give them water to keep them hydrated, but it also provides them the much-needed carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Unfortunately, milk is not a part of a vegan diet.

The parents are from Titusville, Florida. They are following a strict vegan lifestyle. They thought that this would also be good for their son. Thankfully, the authorities of Titusville were able to stop them from causing more harm to their poor child.

They were a child with suspected child neglect and were arrested right away. They did follow the legal process but it only took one look of the 5-month-old baby to know just how much suffering he has to experience from his parents. The baby was too malnourished for his age. Also, he had hanging skin from his extremities. This means that he did not gain enough weight to fill out his skin.

According to the arrest affidavit, the baby could not move easily and he lacked muscle tone. Anyone can surely tell that the child was underfed. His weakened body was not strong enough to maintain the needed blood sugar levels or body temperature. This is why the child is always tired and feeling cold.

The doctors attested that the baby was on a severe state of dehydration. According to their reports to the police, the baby might need to face the life-long consequences because of how his parents treated him. Because of the lack of food and proper nutrients, the baby may not develop properly while he grows up. Simply because his parents did were not responsible enough to provide him with the right nutrition. They only thought of themselves and took for granted their child’s health.

Because of what they did, the parents lost the custody of their baby. Now, the boy is with the Department of Children and Families. Finally, he is getting the nutrients that his body needs and is slowly getting accustomed to this new life.

It is not a problem for anyone, even for a parent to follow a certain diet plan. However, if they have children, it doesn’t mean that they too should suffer. Adults need nutrients, and your kids need them too. This is why it is very important to seek out the help of your pediatrician. If you are planning to put your child under any diet plan, ask your doctor about it first.


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