Authorities Are Now Warning People To Take Their Car Registration Out Of The Glove Compartment

Authorities Are Now Warning People To Take Their Car Registration Out Of The Glove Compartment


You’ve got to stay safe these days.

If you’re like a lot of people, you have probably always been taught that the proper place to keep your vehicle registration is in the glove compartment of your car. It actually makes a lot of sense, especially so it lets you always have it handy if you end up getting pulled over and you need to validate your vehicle for the police. However, police officers are now recommending that people should do exactly the opposite and not keep their vehicle registration in the glove compartment.

Hey actually have a good reason for saying so, as it would seem that thieves are now on the hunt for these valuable pieces of information. There have been multiple reports of criminals forcing their way into a car parked in a lot and going for the registration with the address of the owner on it. When they get the registration, they steal the car, drive to the owner’s house, then rob it.

Officer L. Sajdak of the Atlanta Police Department said, “We recommend that everyone should please remove all their valuable materials and important paperwork, not just about your car but also on your finances and personal information, from your vehicles”

The National Bureau of Insurance is also advising everyone to take a picture of their registration on their phones or take a photocopy of it around as well. This way, you will be able to take it with you at all times and still present it to the police whenever you need to. The Atlanta Police Department has confirmed that they will be accepting photo versions of vehicle registrations now since they will be able to check the information on there and validate most of the time, they even opt not to check for the registration since everything can be checked on their electric files.

A lot of states have now began to allow motorists to show an electronic version of their registration whenever they get stopped by the police as well.
A suggestion by Chad Jensen goes thus:

Make a photocopy of the registration, white the address out, then have that page copied. Keep the original copy back at home, and keep the copy without an address in the glove compartment. You can also opt to shred the one that has the white-out on it

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed that thieves are eerily on the hunt for cars so as to take out the electronics, money, or any other valuable materials. To wit, you might want to ensure that you don’t keep anything in your car that will give the thieves a reason to break into it.
On the topic, a few commenters have shared their opinions…

“Some states, such as Florida, will still require that you put the original copy of the registration in your vehicle”

“There’s probably a lot of other stuff in the glove compartment that has the owner’s address in it. You have the insurance card, purchase and financing documents, warranty records, etc.”

However, one point made by a commenter stood out…

“Why would the thieves put themselves through the trouble of searching for your home address on your vehicle registration when they can easily tell your vehicle navigation system or GPS to ‘go home’?”

“If they don’t want to drive off with their victim’s car, or they can’t, they can just leave with the victim’s garage door opener after they have been able to get the victim’s address”


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