Australian Woman Says She Saw A ‘werewolf’ In Her Bathroom Ceiling

Australian Woman Says She Saw A ‘werewolf’ In Her Bathroom Ceiling


Australian Woman Says She Saw A ‘werewolf’ In Her Bathroom Ceiling

An Australian woman said that she noticed a random claw hanging out of a small hole in her bathroom ceiling. She quickly snapped this photo and shared it online. Although the photo may make this creature look like something scary, this was actually just a cute possum.

According to Sabrina Raven, she has a brushtail possum living in her ceiling. And when she posted the photo online, she was shocked that it garnered tons of comments. Sabrina’s post to the “Crap Wildlife Photography” Facebook page has garnered more than 18,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

One person wrote: “Legit thought there was a werewolf coming through your ceiling.”

This commenter added: “That is seriously the stuff nightmares are made of.”

“Whatever she is, she definitely needs a pedicure!” exclaimed another.

Some are even asking if she dared touch that toe!

Sabrina says that this animal is alive and that she sleeps there during the day. She said, “I usually just see her floof. Not her foot.” To clear things up, she adds that she has seen the possums’ face and can confirm it is indeed a brushtail possum, and not a werewolf.

Sabrina says that the possum will remain in her ceiling until she can identify how it manages to get in and out. And due to the many questions she’s received, she felt the need to say: “No I did not touch the toe beans but I have patted her fur many times. She is soft.”

Mostly found across North America, possums are not rodents, but they are ‘marsupials.’ They are the largest type of marsupial in North America. When the possums give birth, they do so early on in gestation. The babies make their way into pouches located in the mother where they grow to maturity.

Possums are generally nocturnal that’s why you often see them around the garbage cans. And in the dark, their eyes glow when hit by the car headlights. Although they have scary faces and have a resemblance to rats with their long tails, they are not generally dangerous.

Possums also rarely carry rabies, which is a concern, especially for pet owners. Although they will bite and defend themselves, they are not considered much of a threat. Still, a possum can cause damage to property, vegetation and they do carry some other diseases. They tend to have lower incidents of rabies compared to wild dogs and other pests, but they might carry Leptospirosis, Tuberculosis, Relapsing fever, Tularemia, Spotted fever, and Toxoplasmosis. Any of these diseases can become serious. Several of them can come from parasites that possum carries with them.

Remember that possums are very opportunistic. If there is a hole in the roof already, they might use it to get into attics. They rarely dig or chew those holes themselves. They might dig in your lawn looking for grubs and other insects that lurk just below the surface level.

And like many pests, the best way to get rid of them is to make changes to your home and property. You need to ensure that the possums do not find your home as attractive as some other areas. If you think you have a problem with possums, then call the experts to have them exterminated as soon as possible.


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