Army Husband Returns From Deployment To A Wife That He Can’t Recognize

Army Husband Returns From Deployment To A Wife That He Can’t Recognize


When an army husband is deployed to different parts of the world, they are usually separated from their families for months, sometimes years for some. They would spend a long time apart from each other and the family understands that this is bound to happen. The husband would end up missing important family events, not being there when their child reached a certain milestone, or even mourn the death of a loved one.

No matter what the circumstances are, homecoming is always the most awaited event!

This is why we see plenty of soldiers’ homecoming videos online and each one of them will definitely touch our hearts. This will always bring a tear to our eyes, especially when young children are reunited with their mom or dad. Usually, it’s the deployed family member who surprises their families, catching their loved ones by surprise.

But in this story, an army wife from Fort Bragg, North Carolina decided to give her husband a surprise!

She is Lisa Beal and her army husband was deployed overseas for six months. She decided that while her husband was away, she would use the time to change for the better. She informed him that she gained weight while he was away. However, she lied!

In fact, it was the exact opposite of what she told him. She didn’t just drop a couple of pounds, but Lisa lost 50 pounds. The change in her weight was only the beginning of her surprise for him. She also wanted to give him something special. She asked help from the Rachael Ray Show for a complete makeover.

Deshauna Barber, one of the experts who made her makeover happen is Miss USA. She has the talent to transform a person through a makeover. She also understands what it’s like to have a soldier in the family because she too serves as the US Army Reserves Captain. She did the makeover on Lisa with a team of experts who helped with the hair, dress, and makeup.

After the makeover, Lisa looked like a different person!

When it was all said and done, Lisa was called on stage to show the audience her makeover. The audience showed a positive response by applauding as their approval. Rachael Ray also wanted to make sure that Lisa is comfortable with her transformation – the clothes, the hair, and everything else.

But Lisa did not see herself yet. So when she turned around to take a look at her reflection in the mirror, she loved it! After a while, she was also reunited with her husband who grabbed her and gave her the biggest hug. Lisa did not only persevere to change for the better for her husband, but also for herself.

Self-worth is very important. This is why when we feel like we are losing it, then it’s time to do something. Once we have self-worth, we also have our self-respect. How can you expect others to see the good in you if you can’t see it for yourself? Find something that can inspire you to turn you into a better version of yourself. Like Lisa, she used her husband as her biggest inspiration. Because of this, she succeeded and everyone was happy of how it turned out.


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