Airport Security Finds 2 Lbs Of Gold Hiding Up This Man’s Buttocks After Noticing Him ‘Acting Suspiciously’

Airport Security Finds 2 Lbs Of Gold Hiding Up This Man’s Buttocks After Noticing Him ‘Acting Suspiciously’


Airport Security Finds 2 Lbs Of Gold Hiding Up This Man’s Buttocks After Noticing Him ‘Acting Suspiciously’

It is astounding as to how some people would go to lengths just to be able to pass airport security with something hidden inside their body that they can make profit of, hoping that they don’t get caught. As for this man, he tried to hide 2 lbs of gold up his behind!

He was discovered with 2lbs of gold worth £43,000 hidden up his buttocks at an Indian airport after he was suspected of “acting suspiciously.”

The Daily Star reports say that this passenger had arrived on an Air Arabia flight to the city of Jaipur on April 23. The airport security immediately noticed how he ‘was looking suspicious from his manners.’ An airport official said that ‘a personal search was carried out.’

Airport officials claim that what they found inside the man’s bum were three transparent polyethylene capsules that were carefully wrapped in white plastic. What’s inside the actual capsules were small metal granules that were made up of almost pure gold. The official explained, “The 791 gram gold of 99.50% purity valued at Rs 42,79,310 (about £43,000) was extracted and was seized.”

It was concealed expertly, hoping that it would not be noticed during inspection. But the officials did and now the man will have to pay for his illegal actions.

This, though, did not shock the airport officials. These types of incidents happen on a regular basis. Around 1,632 passengers, including 324 foreigners, have been arrested in these cases between from early January of 2011 until the beginning of this year.

In fact just last year, two men were caught smuggling gold and cash that was worth more than $382,000 (£298,000) into an airport in India. That time, they tried to hide the illegal goods under their wigs but were still caught.

The two passengers, Magroob Akbarali and Zubair Hassan Rafiyutheen were arrested at Chennai International Airport on 21 March after they arrived in India from Dubai. The suspects were stopped at the airport’s exit when the official noticed their unusual hairstyles. Officials discovered that these guys were wearing wigs, which were hiding two packets of gold paste, which weighed 698g. It probably caught them off guard because this is quite a new method of smuggling a precious metal.

Smuggling gold in paste is a new tactic that many smugglers are trying to adapt these days. An official from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) stated: “Smugglers first convert yellow metal into powder and then produce its compounds in paste form. Around 700 gms of gold can be retrieved from every 1,000 grams of paste by undertaking a chemical procedure. Involvement of some prominent jewelers and gold dealers across big cities cannot be ruled out. We are trying to identify potential end-users so as to break the nexus between smugglers and jewelers.”

As shown in the video, officials are seen ripping down the wig from these men’s heads to expose black bundles filled with cash and gold paste. They also found gold in their buttocks and socks. On the counter, the cash, jewelry, and other illegal items are shown, indicating just how much the two had tried to smuggle and get past airport security. The Air Customs officials seized gold and foreign currency worth a total of $382,943 (£278,418).


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