Do You Agree With These 60 Countries That Made It Illegal To Spank Your Child?

Do You Agree With These 60 Countries That Made It Illegal To Spank Your Child?


Being a parent is by far one of the most challenging roles you will ever have in your life. And sometimes, mom and dad tend to incorporate spanking as part of disciplining the child. But you should know that spanking is now being outlawed in many countries.

Yes, spanking is now illegal to 60 countries!

In this day and age, spanking as a means of discipline is not acceptable in many families. Johnj Drewicz, a national committee member of Association of Educational Psychologists states:

“Smacking is harmful to a child’s mental health.”

He also added that spanking models aggressive behavior, giving the child an impression that violence is okay. According to Drewicz, these 60 countries that made spanking illegal include Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

Spanking is being viewed in a different manner in different cultures. According to the PJ Media Website, only 30% of Asians are okay with spanking but 82% of African-Americans do. It is at 71% for Caucasians, 75% for Native Americans, and 74% for Hispanic. In the South, spanking is very popular and 78% support it. Spanking is not so popular in the Northeast and only 63% support it. It is also 78% of the Christians accept this practice while 66% of non-Christians agree.

Many agree to this law, but not all. A lot of parents explained that they have the right to discipline their children and spanking is far from physical harm or abuse.

Dr. Mary Bousted, the joint general secretary of the National Education Union said that parents should be given the chance to set boundaries for their kids in the most reasonable way. The doctor also stated that children should be legally safeguarded in their own homes. She added also added”

“We are not talking about dictating to parents how this is done but what we are saying is that it in 2018 beating children in anger, or as part of a pre-meditated punishment, is neither acceptable or defensible.”

When it comes to the debate about whether spanking is acceptable or not as a form of discipline, it seems like education and politics play a huge role. The PJ Media Website further explains that the more educated the person is, the less likely he or she is going to support spanking. The site discovered that 87% of men with high school diploma accepts this practice while only 67% of women with the same level of education do so. Men with a college degree do not consider spanking like a good form of discipline and only 64% of them agree to it and only 57% of women at the same level of education do so.

The social media has also spoken their thoughts with regards to this topic. This is a hot topic for debate because many parents believe that banning spanking can quickly turn this world into a living hell. One person commented, “A spank on the butt (not beating it black/blue) helps kids to realize that mom/dad mean business. This, in turn, gets kids to know their boundaries and honestly that helps them to learn to respect their parent (s) and boundaries set for them.”

Although there are parents who believe that spanking should not be banned, others also believe that this is a form of violence and parents are showing their kids that it’s okay to hit someone and be violent.

What do you think about this law? Do you agree that spanking should be banned?


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