Adorable Twins Realize Dad Is About To Play Their Favorite Song, Their Response Has Quickly Made Them Famous

Adorable Twins Realize Dad Is About To Play Their Favorite Song, Their Response Has Quickly Made Them Famous


Babies are naturally adorable and that’s what we love about them! This is why there are plenty of viral videos showing these babies because they are the cutest in this world! Every baby loves music. When they hear one, they would sway and dance to the beat of the song. A video went viral when 11-month-old twins were enjoying not just any music, but the one that daddy is making using his guitar! Their mom caught everything on video and they looked so good we can’t help but smile.

The video started where mom said, “Hi girls! It’s August 6, 2012, and daddy’s gonna play them a little song while they’re eating their peas…” The babies looked like they don’t really care what mommy says! Daddy asked them, “Are you guys ready?” This is what surely caught their attention!

As soon as daddy strummed the guitar, the girls looked at each other, then smiled, as if knowing what’s gonna happen next. Then they start bobbing their heads to the beat happily. They are surely having a time of their life! It’s a 45-second clip but it surely caught the hearts of millions of people from all over the world. Their dad posted the video on YouTube and to date, they have over 27 million views and 152,000 likes and over 9,000 people left their comments and all are agreeing how cute and adorable these kids are!

Babies are happy most of the time. They are easy to please and for these twins, music is one way to catch their attention and make their day more beautiful. Parents Magazine states that music enables babies and young kids to groove around easily with music which influences their positive physical development. The article additionally expresses that when around music, babies have a tendency to be more joyful, more fulfilled, less demanding to alleviate and all the more eager to learn more about their environment.

Music can amazingly affect our lives and that is the reason why it is should be shared with children even at an early age. It was once believed that these benefits can only be gained from listening to traditional music, however, Parents Magazine indicated that it’s not that important what type music it is as long you and your child loves it and likes to dance to it. They propose to move and dance along with the kid whenever the music is on. Other than the medical advantages, you’ll invest some fun and quality energy with your little ones.


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