Adorable Horse Runs And Leaps For Joy When He Sees It’s Snowing Outside

Adorable Horse Runs And Leaps For Joy When He Sees It’s Snowing Outside


Horses are known for their grandiose physique and beauty. They exude class and elegance. But for this horse, he is fully grown but is still a child at heart. Whenever he sees snow, he can’t help himself but get too excited about it. He surely can’t hide his joy.

It is fun to watch as children experience snow for the first time. They just want to run outside, build a snowman, and have snowball fights. And as they grow up, this excitement wears off. But kids are not the only ones who get excited to see the snow. In fact, this video will prove that even animals love it too!

Bentley is an eight-year-old stallion from Windermere Farms in Pennsylvania. He is a fully-grown horse and is a very happy animal. But throughout the year, winter is his favorite season. You will know why.

When wintertime comes, he waits for the first snow to fall. And when it happens, he is being let out of his stable and he loves every single moment he spends outside. One time, one of the workers of the Windermere Farms was able to capture this heartwarming moment while the horse shows pure joy and excitement while experiencing snow again after waiting for it the entire year.

In the video, it can be seen that the moment the horse was released from its stable, it started galloping around the snowy field. Bentley would stop briefly to admire the snow. Then he would leap on the spot and twist around with pure joy. Then he would start scraping away at the snow with his hoof. The Bentley laid down on the ground and began rolling in the snow.

And it seemed like he didn’t mind sharing this wonderful moment with his friends. A couple of dogs ran up to try and play with him. But Bentley was only interested in the snow. So to play on his again, he ran deeper into the field just living the moment. The dogs did try to get his attention, barking at him for the horse to notice them. But it is clear that the snow was too distracting for him.

This was such an amazing video that the farmers thought that it would be a good idea to share it online. They posted Bentleys’ video to their Facebook page. And in no time, it went viral! The video gained millions of views with tens and thousands of reactions and shares. People who have seen Bentleys’ adorable video can’t help but comment on it.

One of the viewers wrote, “He’s spectacular! It looks like he wants to run across the hills for miles and miles.” Another comment reads, “For a moment there I thought he was going to do the airs above the ground. He definitely has moments when all four legs are off the ground! He’s beautiful.”

You see, Bentley has always been a horse who easily gets excited. In fact, on his first video way back in 2012, he was only 11 days old by then. But Bentley already showed off how he gallops close to his mother. Even while still a baby, Bentley clearly enjoys running and leaping around his legs, even for the first time. And now that he is a father, his children seem to have the same fun-loving personality that made people fall in love with him.


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