95-Year-Old Hits Incredible Milestone In How He Has Helped Over 500 Newborns He’s Never Met

95-Year-Old Hits Incredible Milestone In How He Has Helped Over 500 Newborns He’s Never Met


95-Year-Old Man Achieved A Milestone, Made 500 Quilts For Newborns In Need!

Those who are dedicated to helping other people are considered “heroes.” Some individuals never stop helping those who are in need and this gives them a different sense of satisfaction and achievement. They simply do not care how difficult the process might be as long as they are able to lend a helping hand. This perfectly describes an old man who has dedicated his hours doing one thing alone.

Jack Morrow is a 95-year-old man and his story is truly amazing. He has more energy and commitment compared to some people who are half his age. Morrow made it his ultimate mission to provide something special for babies who are in need.

During his interview with Star Tribune, he said, “Give me a project to do and I won’t stop until it’s done.” This is true! For the past several months, Morrow made it his mission to commit long hours and busy days to reach a specific goal by the time he reaches his 95th birthday that he celebrated on August 10th. Morrow has been making quilts for so many years! He might have already beaten a couple of quilt-making records but he said that it’s not enough. He said that his lucky number is 500 so he worked day and night to achieve it. His strong will and dedication finally paid off!

Just days before his birthday, Morrow was able to complete the last of his 500 quilt project! These quilts were donated to a charity called ‘Bundles of Love.’ According to the charity’s website, “We are a volunteer-driven non-profit that partners with community organizations to assist Minnesota families in need by providing handmade items for newborns.” Their vision is to gather the communities to support a parent and a baby. The organization is offering a peace of mind for the families and provide the essentials and practical supplies that they need.

Now, you might wonder how an elderly man started this late-life obsession. For all of his efforts, the person that should be thanked for is his wife, Jackie. It was 7 years ago when she encouraged her husband to join a quilting club to keep him busy. Definitely not a common hobby that we would think our granddads would do. Morrow has absolutely no sewing experience but he decided to go for it!

It didn’t take long until he realized quilting is indeed a good hobby. He soon found his new passion and this is when he began his journey. He did not stop with his own donations. He even posted a special request on Facebook, asking his friends and family to also have the heart to donate to Bundles of Love for his birthday.

He wrote:

“For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Bundles of Love Charity. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me…”

He is indeed a very sweet man with a kind and giving heart. There is no doubt that the handmade blankets that he created will be loved and well-appreciated by those who will receive them. Like Morrow, remember that is will never be too late to lend a helping hand. Being kind and helpful does not have any age requirements. No matter how young or old you are, as long as you are able to help, you are free to do so.


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