At 92-Years-Old He Returns To Play Mr. Dawes In Mary Poppins Remake. Do You Recognize Him?

At 92-Years-Old He Returns To Play Mr. Dawes In Mary Poppins Remake. Do You Recognize Him?


On Monday, the second trailer for Mary Poppins Returns causing a loud buzz of excitement among the 1964 classic film fans from all over the world! The original Mary Poppins was released in the theaters for the first time in 1964, starring Julie Andrews as the title character and Dick Van Dyke as the chimney sweep, Burt. What made the viewers more excited was the original film’s star Dick Van Dyke is returning in the movie screens, reprising a similar role! Now that he is playing the son of Mr. Dawes, the character that he portrayed in 1964, Dyke who is now 92 years old looks exactly the same. It’s as if he never aged at all!

The new trailer begins with a grown-up Michael and Jane who is played by Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer. They are captured while they are going through some of their childhood things which includes a kite. As they are flying the kite, the clouds part and it is when they see Mary Poppins descend to Earth from the heavens, shocking both Michael and Jane. The two even joked how Poppins seemed to have never aged a but which was of course met by a curt response from the character while telling Michael that he should never talk about a woman’s age.

When Jane asks Poppins why she came back, she states that she has come to “look over the Banks children” and not only Michael and Jane, but also Michael’s kids, Georgie and Annabel. The Banks family has been through a lot and Michael revealed that they are about to lose their home and his kids missed their mom who sadly passed away. This trailer gives the audience a glimpse of the musical song and dance numbers with the amazing music by Marc Shaiman and the songs by Shaiman and Scott Wittmann.

As shown in the new trailer, the actor can be seen dancing on a desk having the time of his life, just like he did 53 years ago! He is sporting a formal looking suit with a full grey beard. He has his appearance towards the end of the new trailer, dancing in front of Emily Blunt who will be portraying the role of Mary Poppins, and also with Manuel Miranda who will be the lamplighter Jack. As the original Mr. Dawes died from laughter in the film in 1964, Dick Van Dyke plays the character’s son in this follow up to the first film.

All the viewers who were lucky to see the trailer firsthand were left in tears after seeing the actors’ return. One of them wrote, “Dick Van Dyke is now fully Mr. Dawes, I’m crying!” On Twitter, another user expressed how happy he feels to see Dick Van Dyke be back and play the same character in the very first Mary Poppins movie. A user shared, ‘He is back dancing on a desk even when he’s 92-years-old!”

Everyone is over-the-moon excited because Disney announced that they will be releasing Mary Poppins Returns on December 19 which is a Wednesday release in the middle of a very crowded holiday movie season. As Mary Poppins is returning to the cinemas, a whole new generation would be able to experience the magic that she will bring this Christmas.


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