90 Minutes After High School Sweethearts Had A Fairy Tale Wedding They Vanished Out Of Thin Air

90 Minutes After High School Sweethearts Had A Fairy Tale Wedding They Vanished Out Of Thin Air


Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman were college sweethearts who love the rodeo and have similar interests in agriculture. Will was studying agriculture engineering and a proud member of the college rodeo team. While Bailee was studying agriculture communication and was personally involved in the Future Farmers of America, as well as the college rodeo team. Their relationship was so perfect that everyone is hoping to have in their lives. Will and Bailee were both seniors at Sam Houston State University.

It was too soon for some but this young couple decided to tie the knot. They were both 23-year-olds when they decided to wed on November 3 at the Byler family ranch in Texas. It was a beautiful day. The bride looked stunning in her beaded and feathered white gown and veil while the groom was in a tuxedo and a cowboy hat.

During this beautiful wedding, one of the wedding guests captured an image of this perfect couple while joyfully walking toward a helicopter between a row of lighted sparkles. This helicopter was owned by Will’s dad which should be bringing them to the airport where they would catch a flight to their honeymoon destination.

Sadly, Will and Bailee never made it.

One of their family friends, a 76-year-old Gerald Lawrence was manning the helicopter. Unfortunately, the chopper crashed just outside Uvalde, Texas which instantly took the lives of the newlyweds and the pilot. The local police received reports of an aircraft distress and a number of emergency crews responded to search for the crash site. It was later on discovered after hours of searching.

One of the wedding guests described the wedding as “magical” and “perfect.” She is also hoping that she would find a love as true as what Will and Bailee had. She also noted that they are now spending their honeymoon in heaven with Jesus.

Eric Smith, a wedding guest was the one who broke the devastating news. His Facebook post became viral and mourners from all over the world sympathized with him. His post reads:

“We celebrated their fairy tale wedding and they were surrounded by their family and friends as they flew off in the family helicopter. Sadly they crashed into the side of a hill about a mile from the family ranch.”

Katie Ellis, one of Bailee’s best friends describer her friend as a person who is full of life, beautiful, and can definitely light up a room with her smile. She also shared with My San Antonio that Bailee’s love for Will was amazing and deep. Katie mentioned that when Bailee met Will, she complete fell in love. “Will was so adventurous and lived life to the [fullest] every single day and Bailee always went with the flow.”

Jessica Stilley, Bailee’s maid of honor also took to Facebook and expressed her grief after the tragedy. Her post reads:

“My sweet Bailee Raye, my heart is broken in a million little pieces as I sit here and think of the rest of my life without my best friend.”

A day that was supposed to be a celebration of love had a heartbreaking turn. Everyone is hoping and praying that the family and friends that Will and Bailee left behind will soon find the light and use the couple’s love for each other to be an inspiration to keep living and enjoy life.


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