88-Year-Old Has Ellen On The Floor Dying From Laughter After Hilarious Confession Slips (video)

88-Year-Old Has Ellen On The Floor Dying From Laughter After Hilarious Confession Slips (video)


Laughter is one of the best medicine we have access to. It has a way of making your day no matter how sad it may have been. In order to be a regular recipient of this medicine, we have to have a sense of humor.

Humor is not uncommon among elders. This character is probably due to the fact that they have tons of experience from issues of life or it may be because they have grown to have an entirely different view of life altogether. Why they have this massive sense of humor is not really known, however, what we know for sure is that some of the time, we get a great deal of joy and laughter just by interacting with seniors.

88-year-old Gladys Hardy is proof of just that, and her hilarious phone call with Ellen DeGeneres will make you laugh yourself to tears. Ellen thought of calling Gladys, a grandma that lives in Austin, Texas, to thank her for previously participating at “The Ellen DeGeneres show”. And Ellen could not hold back laughter with the way the grandma was responding to her.

Although this clip is years old, Ellen still considers this segment one of her favorite memories of all time – and when you hear their unforgettable conversation you will quickly understand why! 88-year-old Gladys Hardy’s sassy attitude and comebacks have the host, Ellen to her knees with a barrage of hilarious, homespun comments.

“Honey, I love Jesus, but I drink a little,” she told DeGeneres during the phone call, prompting screams of laughter from the studio audience and causing the host to double over howling for several seconds.“Actually, I don’t drink a lot,” Gladys added later.”Just a little to thin the blood.”

Gladys made another voice-only appearance on “Ellen”. DeGeneres invited Gladys to come to Los Angeles and appear on the nationally syndicated talk show, but Gladys declined, telling the host she prefers to “stay local” because of heavy-handed airport security guards who “will stop you for having just a little bit of Listerine.”

The grandma’s answers and advice were so funny that Ellen decided to be giving Gladys Hardy a call on a frequent basis. Within a short time, Gladys was one of the most crucial people on the Ellen DeGeneres show for 7 seasons running. One thing for sure is that this old woman can bring a smile on a stone-faced person.

I could not stop laughing when Ellen asked her if she could call her sometime soon. The woman responded that any time was okay but not to call asking for dinner. By the time their conversation is over, Ellen has tears in her eyes from laughing so hard, no wonder this is one of Ellen’s favorite memories of all times!

This video has been out for a while, but we noticed it’s been circulating again on Facebook (where a lot of old videos seem to get a second life lately). And if It’s new to you, it’s not old!

No, we’re not totally naive, we know there’s been speculation over the years that Gladys isn’t real, and that Ellen and her crew have been duped by a morning DJ in Austin posing as Hardy. We don’t care. It’s funny!


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