72-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Baby

72-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Baby


While science continues to chart new paths and open up new horizons, the limits of what can be deemed possible or considered impossible are constantly being pushed. However, as some medical problems are being solved, a good number result in some interesting ethical problem of their own.

For example, in this story, Fertility treatments have made It possible for 72 years old Daljinder Kaur, to become a first-time mother at such a very old age. Although this is a very good thing that has brought so much joy to the Daljinder and her 80 years old husband Mohinder Singh Kaur, and hope for so many other people with similar issues at the same time it brings up some very controversial questions about the ethics behind the science.

While it is a good thing for medical science to make it possible for someone as old as the Kaurs to experience the joy of being parents even in their old age, it might seem a little cruel to have a child at such an age.

For example, if Daljinder will be around to take care of her child until he is 18, then she would have to live until 90. That’s asides the fact that she might not even be physically capable of keeping up with the stress of raising a child at that age. The same goes for her husband. With questions like this, one would wonder why anyone agreed to let the Kaurs get the IVF treatment in the first place.

The truth is the Indian National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center didn’t think it was a cool idea initially too. But after years of persistent petitions and after proving that Daljinder met the health standards for bearing a child the clinic had no choice than to give in.

Daljinder was in her late 60s when she began her treatments finally conceived after two years. This wasn’t the only surprising part of the story. Not only did she carry the pregnancy to term the old woman was even able to deliver naturally something totally unexpected. She was even able to breastfeed the baby during its first months; beating all odds once again.

However, will this determination to be a parent be sufficient to give the little child Arman, the full life he deserves? Mohinder Singh Kaur says they plan to give him the best of everything, but will their age and medical condition allow them to do that to the fullest? Already Daljinder has started experiencing some medical problems like high blood pressure, weak joints, and weakness as a result of the pregnancy. As times goes on the couple will also find it hard to keep up with their baby as he grows older. Since both parents already struggle to lift him up as he crawls.

There is also the issue of the child himself being affected by the unusual conception. For instance, Amran weighed just under four pounds when he was born, a lot less than the average normal weight. This is asides the other possible health risk that may occur in other cases.

All of these puts us in the dilemma science have always had to face for years and will continue to face even as advancements continue. The big question is; can we continue to do things simply because we can? Since there are no laws in any country against what age women can undergo IVF at the moment, there is a chance that more and more families will come forward for treatment and many children will be born to parents at their old age. Is this one of the lines science should not cross? What do you think?


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