For Their 49th Anniversary They Both Get A Makeover, At The Reveal They Can’t Recognize Each Other

For Their 49th Anniversary They Both Get A Makeover, At The Reveal They Can’t Recognize Each Other


In an age where marriages start and end within mere months like no man’s business, finding a couple that has been together for close to five decades is like finding a precious pearl. Jo and Kevin Taylor are one of such rare couples and even after 49 years of marriage, this lovely pair is still waxing strong.

The lovely couple met each other for the first time in 1967. It was a match made in heaven as the pair immediately felt something different the moment they saw each other. They just hit it off and their conversations flowed naturally. They could sense they were meant for each other and before long they got married. That was the start of a long and eventful journey together that has spanned for 49 years.

Incredibly, the couple is still madly in love with each other. Even with five children, 14 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren in between them, you can still tell that there is something beyond ordinary between them. One other thing that was probably responsible for such a remarkably long relationship is the consistency of this pair. The fact that this couple has been able to hold on to one aspect of their relationship for so long gives you an idea of how they were able to sustain their marriage for so long.

It turned out that Jo and Kevin have maintained the same look for close to five decades now. The pair kept long, scraggly locks, wore bagging clothing and had a harsh biker aesthetic around them. just like their love for each other, their looks have remained practically the same for over 49 years.

Everyone who knew them could recognize their trademark look anytime. But their friends and family wanted them to try a different look, just for a change. They encouraged them to apply for the Ultimate Ambush Makeover on the Today show. A program that gives couples extreme surprise makeovers. It was just what the adventurous couple needed but they were understandably hesitant to go through with it. Having maintained the same look for so long, getting such a dramatic transformation in such a dramatic manner was sort of scary. The pair, however, decided to go along with it at the end of the day. They sent in an application but simply assumed their names would never get selected anyways. How wrong they were? An Ambush makeover was headed right for them and they didn’t even know it yet.

The Ambush Makeover, celebrity style team of Louis Licari and Jill Martin showed up to give this couple an head to toe transformation. But thankfully despite the complete brush-up, the team were still able to preserve their personal style which was a little respite for the couple who were a bit scared of looking completely different.

Trying out something that daring was quite remarkable and may be just what they need to shake things up in their long relationship. The couple really deserved to have themselves pampered this way. Watch their amazing transformation in the video below and see how the lovely couple looked then and what they look like now after their makeover.
The team really did a great job on them. They really look really stunning and sharp. Such a lovely couple everyone would want to be like.


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