37 Crazy Headline And Newspaper Clippings That Are So Stupid They Are Hilarious

37 Crazy Headline And Newspaper Clippings That Are So Stupid They Are Hilarious


I believe it was Mark Twain that said, “Fact is stranger than fiction.” Writing for a newspaper can be a challenging task. When creating news headlines, it is quite common to see puns and a whole lot of hyperbole. But sometimes, the headline does not come out the way in which the writer intended. Those outrageous statements and inappropriate jokes sometimes slip past the editors, causing mass amounts of confusion to the readers.

While one might ask, who still reads newspaper, the answer might surprise you. Although technology has reduced the appeal of the newspaper, many people still prefer it to digital alternatives.

It seems as though recent headlines are increasing in shock value. We are seeing the most heart-breaking and shocking headlines ever. But there are also those headlines, that are so terribly constructed, they offer the most ridiculous laughter. I am not sure if they were intentionally written that way, but they sure are funny.

So, check out this list of the weirdest, funniest, ridiculous news headlines and clippings on the Internet. Who knew everyday events could produce some of the most humorous content.


#1 You don’t say.


#2 I imagined that. 


#3 Flying bugs, so, that is what they are called.


#4 They say honesty is the best policy. 


#5 That darn Mississippi. 


#6 This had to be intentional, right?


#7 What else did they expect to find? 


#8 So, he played with Nike balls before?


#9 The headline, while true, is totally misleading. 


#10 Hugo Martin has no sensitivity. 


#11 There is an headline for you. 


#12 How is that possible?


#13 We didn’t need research to tell us that. 


#14 Pun was intended. 


#15 How can they?


#16 Who are these people?


#17 That is not true.


#18 The bird was dead. Lol!


#19 Why would they do Canadian people like that?


#20 How could they mistake a burrito for a baby.


#21 How convenient?


#22 Because they are no longer teenagers. 


#23 I can attest, they bang the door really hard. 


#24 I think it was the murder and not the detective.


Newspapers have been around for a very long time. The first colonial newspaper was published on September 25, 1690. However, the first continuously-published newspaper in America was the Boston News-Letter, and the first issue was published on April 24, 1704. Interestingly enough, most of the news came from London Journals and other stories about European wars. Today, there are over 1200 newspaper publications.


#25 Why would they waste the police officer time like that. 


#26 That cannot be true. 


#27 That is too funny. 


#28 This is confusing to even think about.


#29 Wow, I would look to him first, if I were the police. 


#30 “Belligerent squirrel”


#31 How does a kitten act suspicious? 


#32 That car was not intact.


#33 How savage do you have to be to sell a tombstone?


#34 The duck refused medical treatment. 


#35 Everyone!


#36 That man needs to go straight to jail. 


#37 What a way to sell your services. 


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