35 Family Portraits That Will Leave You In Hysterics

35 Family Portraits That Will Leave You In Hysterics


We’ve all had family portraits done at one point in life or another. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to be in those family photos that you just want to burn to ashes. See, family photos are a hit or miss. Depending on the theme, props, and photographer, the end result can be a masterpiece, or a tragedy, like the many on this list.

Taking a picture requires a lot, especially, if the group is a big one. Children might not cooperate, someone might not have the best angle or the flash might cause eyes to be closed. But when families choose themes that do not come out the way it might have been intended, the image becomes a forever shot of awkward. I know, all too well, the feeling of being sick at the sight of a hideous picture from ages ago.

I am sure the families on this list thought their ideas were remarkable, and you can tell by their smiles. But, one might disagree with that based on the outcome. From the Chewbacca family to weird poses and strange items, you are in for a treat. Check out some of the most ridiculously awkward and hilarious family photos.


#1 At least, the baby look excited. 


#2 That are a lot of pajamas in this picture. 


#3 Whose idea it was to go topless?


#4 He looks like he loves his family. 


#5 Why is he off to the side like that?


#6 Very colorful. 


#7 This is very interesting. 


#8 They were not ready. 


#9 This family loves swimming. 


#10 Unique choice of tops. 


#11 Pet chickens.


#12 That is one way to take a family pic.


#13 They love stuff toys. 


#14 They wanted him to feel included. 


#15 This was such a popular style of picture. 


#16 What do you think their inspiration was?


#17 They are holding the things they love, I guess. 


#18 He is giving them his biggest smile.


#19 What is that hammer doing in his hand?


#20 Wrong timing. 


#21 This is scary.


#22 Creative or silly?


I have never been a part of a family portrait that came out the way we planned. Some people perfect the art of the family photo with clever and creative themes. But as you might have noticed, we just have to ask, what were they thinking?


#23 That is something wrong with this one, but I can’t tell what it is.


#24 Dad dressed his son just like him. 


#25 Why the mask?


#26 Wow!


#27 They all are wrapped in a bow. 


#28 A family of acrobats.


#29 The Chewbacca family.


#30 They love their dad.


#31 Okay, then. 


#32 They have her upside down. Wow!


#33 Dad seems intrigued. 


#34 The pose though. 


#35 Is this animal cruelty?


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