34 Makeup Fails That Got The Best Of People

34 Makeup Fails That Got The Best Of People


There are so many makeup trends, who can keep up? Not all people are into makeup, but the ones that do, use it to enhance natural beauty. At least, that is how it should be. Applying makeup is an art, but some amateurs need to put down the brush, and step far away, far away. While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we can all agree that these people missed the beauty train and went right over into tragic.

There is a reason why celebrities spend big bucks on makeup artists to perfect their looks. But even celebrities end up with failed makeup jobs. One of the most popular trends in makeup is eyebrow art. Mainly because, the eyebrow is one of our most prominent features, as it highlights our eyes and shapes our faces. The thing about eyebrows is when it is well done, it can make you look youthful and knock off several years. On the other hand, it can also render the worst look ever.

Here is a list of the worst makeup fails.


#1 Spider eye lashes


#2 Eyebrows, Nike style.


#3 That is a lot of makeup.


#4 A whole lot of pink on this one. 


#5 Wavy eyebrows.


#6 This is an interesting look.


#7 At least she is matched the color of the eyeshadow.


#8 Way too much everything. 


#9 I do not know what to say.


#10 I wonder, what were her thoughts about this look?


#11 Where are her eyebrows?


#12 She is a pretty girl, but the makeup messed it up. 


#13 This is a different design. 


#14 What in the cloud is this?


#15 A terrible way to draw on eyebrows.


#16 This one as well. They look like sevens. 


#17 A bit scary. 


#18 Even celebs have bad makeup days. 


#19 I have a feeling this type of eyebrows was style a long time ago. 


#20 The Unibrow. 


Makeup artists pay a lot of attention to the eyes because of the variety of possible looks. Whether it is the sexy cat eyes, shimmery or smoky eyes, the options are endless. But as you can see, the people on this list took eyeshadows to levels unseen before. Some crafted eyebrows with irregular proportions and others gave it zero effort.


#21 Not sure what this one is called. 


#22 Very dramatic. 


#23 Completely different from the look today. 


#24 Way too much bronzer. 


#25 That seems excessive. 


#26 Let’s just move right along. 


#27 This is not too bad, right?


#28 I do not want to think she is serious. 


#29 Her friend could have said something. 


#30 Bold!


#31 She has a theme going on. 


#32 She looks disappointed in those brows. Well, at least, I am. 


#33 Halloween? I hope so. 


#34 These brows are super thin. 


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