34 Cakes That Really Need To Be Tossed Out

34 Cakes That Really Need To Be Tossed Out


Who doesn’t love cake? No wedding, birthday party, anniversary or baby shower is complete without it. Not only is it delicious, but the decadent flavors and variety of styles provide something for any taste bud.  As a kid, it was one of the only desserts I would want. But I have a feeling that after you see this list, your taste for that yummy cake might quickly disappear.

Not all of us are blessed with those masterful baking skills. So, for big events, we always have to call in the professionals. But what happens when those professionals create a disaster? Or maybe, a friend or family member might elect to craft the spongy delight. While that might work out sometimes, other times, the result is calamitous.

The cakes on this list were made for several different occasions. I must say that the baby showers were the worst. Some of the ideas should have been scraped from conception, but as you will see, they were not. We’ve gathered a more than interesting collection of terrible cakes. The ones that are terrible in more ways than one.


#1 Why do the carrots look like that?


#2 Ok then. I am curious as to the event this was made for. 


#3 This is just hideous. 


#4 Friday will be blazing hot. 


#5 What in the world is this?


#6 They cannot be serious!


#7 This is ugly and funny at the same time. 


#8 Whose idea was this?


#9 Did they pattern this cake after the background?


#10 Colossal error. 


#11 I am not sure what this is suppose to be. 


#12 How could they even sell this?


#13 I do not think I would eat this. 


#14 Nor this…


#15 I think it is a bunny or a pony. Who knows?


#16 How disrespectful?


#17 The rubber ducks are a funny touch.


#18 Is it suppose to lean like that?


#19 This has to be the work of an amateur. 


#20 The added decoration to the top is a total fail. 


#21 4th of July edition. 


#22 At least, they tried. 


#23 What would you do if you received this cake?


Great bakers say that baking is simple. But, I am sure the people on this list might disagree with that. Logically, mastering the skill might require a lot of trial and error. Others would argue that baking boils down to science. The right measurement of ingredients and you are good to go. But I disagree, but it wouldn’t be that hard for these people to nail it.


#24 Spidey looks funny. 


#25 A lot of work went into this. 


#26 This is funny. 


#27 I have no words.


#28 Creepy and super scary. 


#29 Why Trinny why?


#30 Nailed it?


#31 This is different. 


#32 Elmo, the fruit version. Let’s move right along. 


#33 Only a Dexter fan will appreciate this one. 


#34 I can’t stop looking at it.


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