33 Times People Had Enough Of Bad Drivers And Left Notes

33 Times People Had Enough Of Bad Drivers And Left Notes


Bad parking is a pet peeve for most people, including myself. Terrible drivers and parkers have a way of evoking some of the worst emotions in humans. Inconsiderate drivers are everywhere. They display their skills at apartment complexes, shopping malls, and other public places. While the natural reaction might be violent in nature, violence is never the answer. Instead, you can leave some windshield notes, like these people did.

There is nothing worse than looking for a parking spot in a filled parking lot only to see a spot that has been compromised by an unruly driver. Sometimes they occupy more than their fair share of parking spots or block you in. Probably, the only thing to tip that scale is a parked car in your reserved parking spot.

The people on this list had enough, so they wrote a note as the only civilized option. However, although these notes are covered with frustration, they are hilarious.  While it is not right to make fun of other people’s grievances, this is just too funny. Check out these comical windshield notes.


#1 He had enough of the tickets. It is ruining his life. 


#2 That would be great.


#3 Please find another vehicle to harass. 


#4 How inconsiderate?


#5 A lot of thought went into this. 


#6 Is this note justified?


#7 I love the closing remarks.  


#8 Forget a piece of paper. 


#9 This is so wrong.


#10 The worst neighbor ever.


#11 This neighbor wants the owner of the van to park it elsewhere because it is creepy. 


#12 Don’t park like a tool. 


#13 This person has a plan for the next time. 


#14 Oh dear!


#15 This person was very angry. 


#16 Optimus Prime disapproves. 


#17 Four parking spots? Just terrible.


#18 After seeing this note, I would be laughing. 


#19 That is so wrong of this driver. 


#20 This is the worse.


#21 This was savage as hell. 


#22 Lower your parking space consumption.


#23 Instructions included. 


Have you ever gotten to the point of leaving a note for the person who pissed you off? Or, have you ever pissed off someone that they left a note for you? Imagine the facial expressions of the people who are at the other end. I know I would be mad if someone left me a note. Share your experiences below.


#24 This person had the patience to type and print this note. 


#25 This vile note ended with a warm greeting. 


#26 The entire street is annoyed. 


#27 The most polite yet. 


#28 This driver needs help. All bad drivers do. 


#29 Do not even think about it. 


#30 Oh dear, here comes the curse. 


#31 Here is spot, because you need one. 


#32 Where can I find these cards?


#33 This is beyond hilarious.


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