33 Pictures of Children And Dogs That Will Tip Your Cuteness Scale

33 Pictures of Children And Dogs That Will Tip Your Cuteness Scale


Animals are the cutest things to see on the Internet. But, I must say, babies are even cuter. Imagine the two in one shot, cuteness overload, guaranteed. There is something about those fuzzy, furry, playful animals and those adorable, angelic children that put smiles on our faces. As adults, we learn if we are lucky, we may have that one friend that lasts a lifetime. But these images depict friendships that words can’t describe.

Konrad Lorenz was an Austrian biologist and ethologist. In the 1940s he developed a formula for cuteness, yes you read that right. Kindchenschema (or in English, “baby schema”) was described as a set of physical features that make us go, “Ooooh,” and “Awww.” The Nobel Prize winner believed that people see cuteness in round faces, large heads, prominent foreheads, chubby cheeks, plump mouths, small noses, and huge eyes.

I think Lorenz could be on to something because this list has all of the above, and then some. Chubby cheeks, plump mouths, round faces, some fur, big smiles, and a whole lot of love. This will surely make your day. Check out some of the cutest children and animal photos.


#1 Snuggle time. 


#2 Cute nap time. 


#3 Imagine seeing this in your rear view mirror.


#4 How cool is that?


#5 Batman and his sidekick. 


#6 The dog seem comfortable. 


#7 The background makes it all the more beautiful.


#8 She can barely hug him. 


#9 The squad!


#10 He got into position. 


#11 An intense stare. 


#12 You can see the love. 


#13 Dogs offer the best therapy. 


#14 True friends. 


#15 Smelling a sunflower.


#16 Three, the hard way. 


#17 They actually look comfortable. 


#18 The facial expressions say everything. 


#19 Two peas in a pot. 


#20 That is genuine laughter. 


#21 Now, isn’t this is most adorable thing you’ve seen?


Lorenz and his cuteness formula aside, science explains why we react, the way we do, when we see pictures of babies. The way we are made up is we are programmed to like babies. It is an innate reaction. When we see pictures of babies, there is increased activity in the premotor cortex. This part of the brain is said to play a role in behavior.


#22 Their smiles are everything. 


#23 No one is messing with this little kid. 


#24 They are ready for the water.


#25 Their smiles win the award. 


#26 I can’t take it. 


#27 Her patient’s expression is hilarious. 


#28 They nailed it. 


#29 What are they looking at?


#30 They are following the leader.


#31 The stare!


#32 Perfect timing. 


#33 Little girl’s best friend.


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