31 Google Suggestions and Searches That Have Crossed Over Into The World Of Bizarre

31 Google Suggestions and Searches That Have Crossed Over Into The World Of Bizarre


It is almost difficult to think about life before Google. I know, we had search engines, but I do not think any was as efficient. Google has become such an integral part of how we function, the company’s name is now a verb. There is something to be said when a brand makes its way into the vernacular of a common verb. We have seen it with nouns, with companies like Kleenex and Band-Aid, but I think Google is in a lane by itself.

The Internet is a boundless playground. For everything we search, there are thousands, even more, of webpages with potentially relevant information. Google searches the web for information, and with its unique algorithms, produces meaningful results for our searches.

The process is so efficient; it offers suggestions before one can even finish typing out the query. Now, when I say efficient, I refer to Google’s accuracy and the speed at which the results are produced. But, as you might have experienced yourself, Google sometimes offers the weirdest search suggestions known to man.

We’ve rounded up the strangest and most bizarre Google search suggestions that one can find. We also had to throw in some ridiculous searches as well. I imagine these outlandish searches were jokes, because who really wants to know what happens when they eat themselves?


#1 Why would the parakeet want to?


#2 The real question is, why is there 12,400 results for that query?


#3 These suggestions are mind-boggling. 


#4 I am assuming they would find out about it?


#5 Really? I didn’t get that memo.


#6 Good question


#7 Don’t you hate when that happens?


#8 I am totally confused.


#9 Who would admit to that?


#10 Who would want to know that?


#11 The funny thing is Google could offer valid answers.


#12 What? This one is definitely bizarre. 


#13 Asking for a friend. 


#14 There are 20,300 unbelievable results for this search. 


#15 I have heard of that.


#16 No comment… 


#17 I hope the person who searched this is locked up somewhere. 


#18 Wow. Someone actually typed this into the search engine. 


#19 Wow…I think I agree with this. 


#20 For this exact reason.


Did you know that Google processes some 40,000 search queries every second? That amounts to over 3.5 billion searches a day. You can expect the number is in the trillions when we look at the yearly average. Just think, when this company started in 1998, they only processed 10,000 searches per day.


#21 What prompts this level of in depth thinking?


#22 I hope a teenager searched this.


#23 This is a hilariously weird search.


#24 No is isn’t!


#25 I wonder what that would look like. 


#26 Why would they drink urine?


#27 Chuck Norris is unlike any other. 


#28 They sure do. Sometimes in the weirdest of ways. 


#29 Yes they do. I have one of their albums. 


#30 The caption “Fail” says it all. 


#31 What do you think the results said? 


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