30 Wedding Dresses That Make You Question Everything

30 Wedding Dresses That Make You Question Everything


A wedding is probably the single most important event in some people lives. It is a day when a loving couple gets to show the world their unquestionable love for each other. Weddings indicate the start of a family and is a symbol of commitment and the foundation of love. So much goes into the preparations. One of the most important items is the wedding dress. So, imagine how baffled we were to see the wedding gowns on this list.

When we think about wedding gowns, traditional long, flowing gowns come to mind. Some people get creative by adding splashes of color, but when that innovation crosses that fine line between gorgeous and grotesque, it is time to pump the brakes.

I am all for creativity. I believe people should be able to express themselves, however they wish, but I am against an ugly wedding dress. Check out some of these peculiar wedding gowns.


#1 Colorful, very colorful.


#2 That poor guy is being swallowed by the dress. 


#3 Recycle couture


#4 Not sure what type of couture this is. 


#5 The umbrella adds a nice touch.


#6 This one looks like a pyramid.


#7 Flashy


#8 This gown is made of straw. 


#9 That dress is barely holding on. 


#10 I think she is a fan of Robert Pattinson


#11 They look like a match made in heaven.


#12 When DIY goes too far. 


#13 When you have to get married at 6, and go to the club right after. 


#14 Wow, this is different.


#15 I did not know this was a thing.


Believe or not, wedding dresses have an intriguing history. Weddings today, are more about love and commitment with a person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Back in the day, it was quite different. It was more like a business arrangement where two families would join forces for a beneficial gain or some type of alliance.

The wedding dress, then, was a means of presenting the bride’s family in the most distinguished light, especially as it related to wealth and social status. Green dresses were considered bad luck, but blue dresses represented purity and piety.


#16 The price tag on this dress is $40,000.


#17 Revealing is an understatement here. 


#18 I think I like this one. 


#19 I just want to know who would wear this?


#20 Wedding dress made of spoons. 


#21 Shorts, I like!


#22 Apparently, balloon dresses are a new trend. 


#23 Just when you thought you saw everything there was to see.


#24 The condom dress


#25 This mom nailed it with diapers. 


#26 Umbrella-ish


#27 What in the octopus is this?


#28 Where are her hands?


#29 Who is walking down the aisle in this number?


#30 As strange as they come. 


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