30 Times Wendy’s Response On Social Media Was Beyond Funny

30 Times Wendy’s Response On Social Media Was Beyond Funny


Although they may not be everyone’s favorite fast food, when it comes to a feisty deviation from the conventional corporate responses on social media, Wendy’s is easily the best. Do not let the sweet, innocent little girl persona fool you, Wendy’s provides some of the funniest clap backs (response to criticism with priceless wit) to outrageous posts.

Social media has become pivotal for businesses across all sectors. It is undoubtedly crucial to their digital marketing plans. Not only is it a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, but also, an increasingly important avenue to engage with the target base.

Businesses realize the significance of interacting with their target base online and one company that has perfected such engagements is Wendy’s. Wendy’s Twitter has become famous for its ridiculously hilarious responses to, far from sensible, questions. The company is also quite guilty of trolling other fast food outlets, namely McDonald’s. In real life, McDonald’s is the fan favorite, but on Twitter, Wendy’s has taken every award.

We have rounded up some of the funniest Wendy’s Twitter responses for your dose of daily laughter. I am not sure about you, but after reading this list, I want a Baconator.


#1 They are so savage toward McDonald’s


#2 Good one


#3 You are not Bart Simpson


#4 I have to agree


#5 They prefer fresh food. 


#6 Could not have said it any better


#7 Their jabs against McDonald’s are stellar


#8 That is what I was wondering?


#9 This was so hilarious. Poor McDonald’s


#10 Cameo should have just said so. 


#11 Well said


#12 He thought wrong


#13 Why Kimiko, why?


#14 Why is he asking for advice?


#15 The sass 


#16 No, its Wendy


#17 Why did they do Jimmy John’s like that?


#18 Phil, you are going to learn today


#19 “The exit”


#20 Their responses are razor sharp


#21 They can even rap


#22 Then they said this to Hardee’s


Hysterics aside, Wendy’s has a fascinating story. Its founder David Thomas opened the first Wendy’s on November 15, 1969, at 257 East Broad Street, in Columbus, Ohio. He chose the name fast food restaurant to honor his daughter. That creamy soft-serve confection better known as the Frosty has been on the menu since the opening of the first location. To date, there are 6500 locations.


#23 They are ready to battle. Hilarious!


#24 Isn’t that why we all like Buzzfeed?


#25 For real though!


#26 What is wrong with Lauro fan account?


#27 Good question Wendy’s


#28 A toast to the nuggs


#29 They are correct


#30 They are not here to lie, either. 


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