30 Amazing Inventions That Completely Altered Our Lives

30 Amazing Inventions That Completely Altered Our Lives


If one were to sit and ponder about the quality of life we have today, in comparison to several decades or even a century ago, the level of convenience is astounding. If it were not for the remarkable inventions, where would we be today? I mean, imagine life without a microwave or hot water.

There are so many things around us that we seem to take for granted, and while there are new inventions each and every day, some permanently change our lives within its first use. Some inventions were so instrumental that they changed civilizations, helped to establish strong economies, and helped to shape human lives.

One example is the Ford Model T. Do not mind the fact that the crank starter was extremely dangerous, and the kick back could break your arm, the level of convenience of getting from point A to point B was unmatched. What about Facebook? Do you remember life before it? Probably not, because the social media platform was so monumental.

We’ve gathered a list of some life-altering inventions. Check them out!


#1 Camcorder, every dad had one of these.


#2 Contraceptives


#3 Railways


#4 Facebook


#5 VHS


#6 Telegram, slow but sure. 


#7 The seatbelt


#8 Clock


#9 Film, imagine life without movies.


#10 Email


#11 GPS



#12 Ipad


#13 The iPod, the beginning of the end of the CD player.


#14 The telephone


#15 Credit cards. I know some people will disagree with this one. 


We know there are some inventions that you are thinking of, that did not make the list. I think the waterbed should be on this list, but that is highly debatable. Or what about roller skates, traffic lights or even Doritos? As you read through these 30 inventions that changed our way of life, think about how different your life would be without them.


#16 Digital camera, although I am still a fan of the Polaroid. 


#17 The fridge


#18 The radio


#19 Calculator 



#20 Microwave


#21 Airplanes



#22 Cell phones


#23 The television


#24 Antibotics


#25 Printing press


#26 Electricity 


#27 The World Wide Web, I am not sure I would be able to function without it. 


#28 Cars


#29 Light Bulbs


#30 Steam engine


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