26 Years After Being Born With Severe Birthmark, Theresa Gets Married And Looks Gorgeous

26 Years After Being Born With Severe Birthmark, Theresa Gets Married And Looks Gorgeous


Like most expectant couples, Tony and Theresa Hall looked forward to receiving their little bundle of joy. The prepared all they could and all Theresa attended all the prenatal appointments possible. Nothing in the test told could have prepared them for the storm that was coming their way with the birth of their child. Everything was looking fine.

It wasn’t until the couple from Corby, England saw their little girl did they realize that she wasn’t in the best health. She was born with a birth defect. And it would take a lot of determination and efforts on their part to give their baby a chance at a healthy and happy life. The baby was born with a condition known as Hemangioma under her left eye. The condition causes stem cells to grow into tumors, although the tumors were benign, it would leave a giant mark on her face which disfigured their beautiful baby.

The Halls loved their baby and named her Cody. For a while, they tried to live a normal life with their child. They would take her out for long walks and allowed her to explore the world around her. But living a normal life with her condition seemed to be a very hard thing for the child and her parents.

Tony recalled the difficult moments while talking to the Orlando Sentinel “In England, our neighbor asked my wife if we put a bag over [Cody’s] head when we took her out. The hardest thing is the stares and comments from the ignorant people in this world who don’t understand what’s going on with her.” He said.

The condition also grew worse over time and the couple knew they had to get help quickly. The halls soon made their inquiries and planned a trip to California to meet Dr. David Apfelberg, a plastic surgeon located in Atherton, California. Cody had to undergo multiple laser treatments, but the doctor was finally able to remove the growth.
While the procedure was successful, it still left her with a deep scar on her face. Cody’s parent wanted a normal life for their girl. They wanted her to blend in with the crowd and not have to bother about her looks so they found another doctor that could help smoothen out her skin.

Off they went to Dr. Milton Waner in New York. This physician told them it was possible to remove the scars from Cody’s face, although it wouldn’t be easy and it would cost them a lot of money as well.

“She had extensive tissue destruction,” Dr. Waner told Fox News. “We performed several procedures to restore her face back to normalcy.”

Over the next 14 years, Cody was in an out of the hospital. She ended up going through 18 operations to bring her face back to normalcy. The Halls also got a lot of help from friends, family and even strangers during this period because they needed as much as $376,000 to cover for Cody’s medical costs. It was difficult times but them but they were able to pull through with the help of others and their determination. At the end of the day, everything went fine.

“She looks much, much better now,” Dr. Waner announced. “If you saw her walking on the street, you would never know she had had any problems.”

Cody finally got a chance to live a normal life just like her parents wanted. In November 2017, she married the love of her life. “It was an emotional day and there were some tears,” Cody explained to The Sun, “especially when I saw [my husband] at the altar, but only tears of joy.” She declared, “I just want to show people that there is a happy ending.”


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