249 Amish Men Walk Up To A Barn And Start Lifting It With Nothing But Their Bare Hands

249 Amish Men Walk Up To A Barn And Start Lifting It With Nothing But Their Bare Hands


The “Amish” is a Christian group in North America. The church originated back in the late 17th century and was among the followers of Jakob Ammann, with Swiss German and Alsatian Anabaptist origins. They are closely related to Mennonite churches.

The Amish are known for their tight-knit community. They do everything together. The Amish communities like to help each other especially during times of need. The Amish may be small in number compared to other religious groups, but they make sure that they do most things without asking for help from other people outside of their community.

They believe that they can get things done even without relying on modern technology. And one time, they have proven this true…

One day the group gathered to help a neighbor with his property. Hundreds of Amish people came to this Ohio farm. This property belonged to a man named Joseph Hochstetler. A pole barn in his property needed to be moved from one side to the other.

In most cases, this would not be possible to do without using any heavy machinery. But not for the Amish. Joseph turned to his community for help and they sure didn’t let him down. 249 Amish men came to the farm and each of them was more than willing to lend a helping hand, literally.

The men surrounded the barn. They are not using any machinery and moving this pole does not look easy. But with their bare hands, they grabbed the bottom of the barn, and using only their strength, the men were able to lift the barn with no problem. The men worked with perfect coordination as if they have already done this before.

Together, they lifted the barn and walked at the same rate. They did it so smoothly as if this has all been practiced. Anyone can clearly tell that this was not the first time that they have done something like this.

The Amish men moved the barn around 150 feet from its original spot. And after reaching the other side, they started moving, rotating the barn clockwise. And just like how they lifted it, with ease and perfection, they also put it down slowly and in perfect coordination.

It was risky, but these men surely knew what they were doing. It needs to be done and since no machinery is available to use. They are aware that with one wrong move that entire barn could fall to the ground and break. Their lives will also be put at risk. They could end up with an injury.

And with hundreds of men involved, the task didn’t take a long time to finish. In fact, they were able to transfer the barn to its new spot in just 5 minutes!

Act of kindness like this is not new to the Amish communities. They are a group that appreciates their strong bond with each other. As a community working as one, this helps them survive any challenges. They can figure out solutions to problems even without outside help and even if they don’t have any access to modern technology like vehicles, computers, and electricity.

In fact, the Amish use less of everything. They want nothing more than to live a simple life.


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