2 Years After Her Husband’s Tragic Passing, A Bouquet Of Flowers Show Up With A Note From Him

2 Years After Her Husband’s Tragic Passing, A Bouquet Of Flowers Show Up With A Note From Him


True love exists, and this couple showed that to us.

The God we serve is one who loves us and who delights in blessing us with surprises, especially at times when we never even expect them. Also, there are those times when those special surprises come when we are still looking for ways through which we can deal with certain heartaches from some of the situations of life that we might be going through. Tragedies happen to people on a daily basis and sometimes, there are people who just need a little bit of love to get through these hard times.

Kayla Miller shared a try beautiful story that gives the reader a proper glimpse of what everlasting love truly means. In her story, which she shared with Love What Matters, Kayla explains that she suddenly came across a lovely bouquet of multi-colored flowers that were delivered to her by one of the people she works with.

Seems like a normal thing, doesn’t it?

Well, what happened next is something that seems like it was drawn straight out of the move, “P.S. I Love You”.

Kaya went on to explain that he husband of this her colleague had passed away two years ago, but the man was sure to make certain preparations before his death so that the woman who he loved and who he was leaving behind would always feel cherished and loved, even when the time came when he would no longer be physically able to stay by her side.

In the s which she put up, she said, “I had the opportunity to witness a real-life story from P.S I Love You. These flowers were delivered today to my place of work, and they were given to a lady who works here with me. The flowers were from her husband who tragically lost his life two years ago. The amazing thing about these people is that ever since the husband passed, she has been receiving jewelry, flowers, and presents from him every holiday and birthday.

Before he passed on, he lined all of this up for her so that she would not have to feel alone on those days that would ideally be the hardest to spend apart from the one person who she moved the most. I was really moved by this, and I decided to share this story not just because it is nothing short of amazing and it warms my heart a great deal, but because it also wants to show girls that true love is actually real.

This is a testament to the fact that you don’t necessarily have to settle for just anyone due to the fact that there’ a voice that says no one will ever fall in genuine love with you. You don’t have to live your life with a partner who will cheat on you or lie to you or take down to you. You don’t have to manage anting. You are a prize that should ideally be won by someone who truly deserves you, and I want you to know that there is that special someone who will love you forever, even after they’ve gone to the afterlife. It is my hope that this little story brightens your day and puts a smile on your face. P.S. I Love You”

To be completely honest, this story is nothing short of amazing.


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