12-Year-Old Sings Whitney Houston Classic And Earns Standing Ovation From BGT Audience

12-Year-Old Sings Whitney Houston Classic And Earns Standing Ovation From BGT Audience


12-Year-Old Sings Whitney Houston Classic And Earns Standing Ovation From BGT Audience

Through the years, many of Britain’s Got Talent contestants have turned out to be some of the biggest artists in the industry. Susan Boyle is just one of them. It is heartwarming to see how some of these contestants are able to impress not only the audience, but most especially the judges.

There is no age limit for those who want to audition for BGT. In fact, one of the youngest auditionees for the top British show is Maia Gough from South Wales. Even though she was just 12 at the time, she boasted a voice that sounded like it could have come from a professional singer. The presenter told her to “enjoy” and “have fun” before she went on stage, and that’s exactly what the young girl did.

Despite the fact that she appeared nervous before the judges, it was clear that she was aiming to impress them with her performance despite her nerves. They all laugh as she explains to judge David Williams that she’s brought her entire family to the performance to cheer her on. By now, Maia’s nerves have calmed down. She’s finally ready to blow everyone away with her amazing voice.

When asked who her favorite singer is, she says Whitney Houston. And for the audition, she had learned a Whitney Houston song. Then she went on to start her performance.

Everyone falls silent at this point as the music begins. Whitney Houston’s popular song, “I Have Nothing,” is a difficult song to perform. And for this 12-year-old to dare sing it makes it very clear that she is a star in the making right from the get-go.

It was obvious that the judges love her voice. In fact, they were shocked the moment she started singing. How can a young girl like her have such a lovely voice that could be mistaken as a professional singer? While she was performing, the girl’s family backstage were in tears as she gave it her all.

And as soon as the song ends, along with the audience, Simon Cowell can’t help giving her a standing ovation!

Maia couldn’t be happier…

And that amazing performance earned her a spot in the Semi-Finals.

By then she sang another Whitney Houston song, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.” She did another outstanding performance even though she had tonsilitis. Cowell said, “You got tonsillitis and you decide to sing one of the hardest Whitney songs. That takes guts and it worked.” Then David added, “You did everyone in Wales proud. I am sure everyone is rooting for you.”

Even though she failed to earn enough votes to advance to the final round, Maia’s performance left the judges speechless once more.

As a result, she’s worked hard to improve her voice and is now a second-year student at Urdang, a London-based performing arts college.

Maia also has a YouTube channel, where she posts her renditions of popular songs of the biggest artists of all time. She also has an Instagram account from which she posts updates about her life. Just last year she announced that she’s finally engaged.

This very talented young woman has the potential to continue to dazzle everyone in the years to come with her amazing God-given talent, just as she did when she was a girl.


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