11-Month-Old Is Left Fighting For His Life After Mom’s Mistake

11-Month-Old Is Left Fighting For His Life After Mom’s Mistake


This viral news reminds us why we should always be careful when around young children, especially infants.

A new mother made a terrible mistake while trying to give her infant baby a bath. She brought boiling water and left it too close to the tub. She uses boiling water to warm the tub water. This is why she always keeps a bucket of boiling water near to avoid having her 11-month-old son get cold during his bathtime.

This time though, this mistake took the life of her son – the baby fell into the bucket of boiling water and burned almost 80% of his skin!

This happened in a small village called Salhany, Ukraine. The mom, Tetyana Chernenko, was a mother was horrified. She has not been the same ever since this traumatic accident happened. She shared that she always keeps a bucket of boiling water near when bathing her son, Daniil Chernenko.

While the mom was preparing his bath, Daniil was in a table near the tub and the boy fell into the bucket. She had her eyes on him but was not quick enough to get to him when he fell. The baby screamed while the boiling water was burning his skin. Tetyana quickly rushed to help him out. She said, “I saw how he fell in the boiling water. I rushed to the bucket and pulled him out. I hugged him, then wrapped (him) in a cotton cloth. When I unwrapped him, I saw his skin was peeling off!”

She rushed Daniil to the hospital in Odessa. He was in a very bad condition and was told that he might not be able to survive. When he was rushed to the emergency room, volunteers immediately came to help. Katherine Nozhenikova was one of them. She took a picture of Daniil and shared it online hoping for charity donations to help the boy and her mom. The boys’ skin was burned so bad and his voice also grew hoarse from screaming in pain. The burns were so deep that put him to the brink of life and death.

Vadim Shukhtin, the head of Odessa Region Clinical Hospital, shared that Daniils’ condition was very serious. They did everything to give him all the possible treatment and medication that he needed. While praying for her sons’ recovery, Tetyana spent all of her time beside her son. According to reports, patches of skin on his forehead, fingers, and toes were the only ones that were not affected by the burn.

Sadly, Daniil passed away, just two days after his first birthday and 11 days following the incident. Nozhenikova said, “Ten liters of boiling water and just a few seconds during which the mother’s attention was diverted. The child won 11 days of life thanks to people who donated funds for his treatment. We have lost him. I am so sorry.”

The police consider this incident an accident and did not put the blame of the mother.

Accidents happen all the time, but this kind of mistake can be avoided. Parents are advised to be extra cautious especially when dealing with dangerous items around their small children. Kids move a lot and their innocent minds are still not aware of what’s right and what’s wrong. As adults, it is our responsibility to take care of them and ensure for their safety 24/7.


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