These $10,000 Shoes Are Causing People To Feel Sick When They Look At Them

These $10,000 Shoes Are Causing People To Feel Sick When They Look At Them


Get a load of the latest fashion trend.

Fashion has always been about expression, and there are some of us who have found it much easier to express ourselves than others. Over the years, the prevalent kind of fashion that a lot of people all over the world adopt has undergone something of a change. From the days when robes and skirts were the in-thing to the time of long gowns, we’ve also seen revolutions that involved baggy trousers and accompanying large shirts, and skinny jeans as well. One thing that has always been common to fashion is evolution, and we all know that what has been considered as being the in thing today might not be so popular this time next month.

With this evolution comes a set of people who manage to see beyond the trends that are predominant in the present. Whenever there’s an innovation in fashion, there are certain people who begin to look into how they can build on this innovation to bring out something a little more exciting. While most of us just sit back and look for the latest fashion news and trends, these are the people who actually ensure that the trends are able to change over time

However, while some fashion trends have been acceptable by the general populace, there are also some which seem to be a little bit more eccentric. Due to the highly expressive nature of fashion, there are people who take this characteristic a little bit to the extreme and who decide to initiate a fashion innovation that might not necessarily sit well with everyone.

This right here is one of them.

A pair of designers who are based in Montreal and whose work is aimed at causing a “provocation to society” have made headlines recently and are currently causing a little bit of a reaction after they released high heeled shoes that they designed to look like feet which have been surgically altered in a way.

Fecal Matter, a fashion company that operates as a partnership between Montreal fashion designers Steven Raj Bhaskaran and Hannah Rose Dalton, previously made use of a photoshopped version of its “Skin Heel” in order to promote use of their new designs, and they recently announced that they have been able to bring the concept behind these shoes into reality.

The shoes, which are as high as the thighs, also come complete with faux-toes as well as realistic skin featuring moles, a wide array of uneven skin tones and even hairs.
The partners have announced that they have only been able to make a single pair as of now, but they are already making plans to sell more pairs. They also said that a pair of these shoes will go for a retail price of $10,000.

Just as a lot of fashion innovations out there, this is one that came with a little bit of a shock to people. While some people seemed excited to the prospect of getting something new to wear as soon as they can, there are people who also saw this new trend as straight up weird. The prevalent opinion, of course, still can’t be known for now. A lot of people seem to judge the popularity of a fashion trend based solely on how many units the manufacturers are able to sell.
Till then, we’ll be waiting.


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