10-Year-Old Dies Halfway Down A Waterslide

10-Year-Old Dies Halfway Down A Waterslide


Kids are always too excited to try rides in amusement parks. However, we know that there is always an age and height limit. This is to make sure that children are safe during these rides.

London Eisenbeis had been waiting all this time to grow tall enough to be allowed to ride the 273-feet chute of Zehnder’s Splash Village’s largest water slide in Frankenmuth, Michigan February of this year. This is a very famous ride and the little girl can’t wait for her chance to try it out.

According to her mom, Tina, she as very excited about that ride. London even looked at her dad and gave him two thumbs-up and smiled. While she was going down the slide, she had an unexpected cardiac arrest. The over-excitement caused her rhythm to go haywire.

Nobody knew in London’s family that she was suffering from Long QT Syndrome.

This is a rare condition that can be potentially fatal. Individuals with this condition may experience fast and chaotic heartbeats when triggered. This is a condition that affects the repolarization of the heart after a heartbeat. As a result, the individual will experience an increased risk of an irregular heartbeat causing palpitations, fainting, drowning, and worse, death.

Signs and symptoms usually occur during childhood. Parents should watch out for unexplained fainting. This happens because the heart is not pumping enough blood which is carried to the brain. The Long QT Syndrome does not go away. Medications can help with the condition. Still, it can cause a sudden death, especially to younger individuals.

According to reports, the moment London reached the bottom of the four-story drop, her heart stopped beating.

The 44-year-old mom explained her husband revealed that the slide that London went down has a heartbeat sound when you reach the top which makes the drop even scarier. “Who would have ever thought she would come out the bottom without one?”

After her parents saw her when she went down, she was immediately rushed to the local hospital. She was put on life support for nine days before she went into cardiac arrest again on February 27th. She was laid to rest on March 3rd, wearing the dress that she personally picked out for her daddy-daughter dance.

What happened to London encouraged the family to start a nonprofit London Strong Foundation. This organization which they named after their daughter is in part dedicated to providing their community with defibrillators – a device that can deliver an electric shock to regain a heart rhythm.

Their goal was due to the fact that while London’s life was being revived, it did not include the use of any defibrillator. For emergencies like these, you have to respond quickly because time is precious. You can lose a loved one in seconds.

Even though the family is grieving, they still want to share London’s story, hoping that it would save another person’s life. Tina said, “You never know when it’s going to happen. You never think it’s going to happen to you and this is not a club you want to be part of.”

What happened to London was so sudden that the family is having a hard time that their daughter is not with them anymore. The family encourages everyone to cherish every moment you have with your family.


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